A Wheelless Society

Remembering the movie Back to the Future, where Marty McFly would always have his hoverboard handy when it comes to tight situations, it would may any kid wonder when the time would come that they can all fly like that.

For a lot of people, the future is getting brighter as newer and bigger innovations have been churning out on a daily basis. This also include skateboarding, as people would one look back, reminded of the days when grandpa used to ride those, and yet it has plastic wheels.

It would have been fun to be a kid again, to know where skateboarding is an activity that pushes the boundaries of endurance and skill. When it rains, skateboarders would groan and throw a hissy fit because it’s just too wet outside and they can’t even surf because of the waves are getting too turbulent. Back in the 80s there have been a few video games dedicated to extreme sports, and it also includes skateboarding. What more, some of these games have been tweaked in a more futuristic setting, as if making TRON and motorcycling something to look forward to.

In a way, having a hoverboard in the future may not be so far off after all. Considering the advancements that is made due to maglev, or magnetic levitation, common for bullet trains. Advancements in terms of metals have also taken a keen interest with many companies who want to create stronger and lighter skateboards. Technological devices are getting smaller and more sophisticated that it wouldn’t be long where everything that would power up a small home can only be found in a hoverboard.

Skateboarders today even enjoy some of the joy-enhancing things like portable mp3 players and even portable media. They can still just do their stuff without worrying about getting left behind in the drink. The internet provides a great place to know and exchange information when it comes to tricks, styles and even a place to buy that next deck after breaking their old ones.

It may not be the same as a flying skateboard, but the technology in building one consists of the things available today. There is so much promise to be had when a kid like 50 years from now can go to school using a hoverboard and would never be late for class ever again.

It may be just fantasizing, but there is something real to be had in the years to come, especially for skateboarders.

Source: https://positivearticles.com