A Vanity Affair: How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Vanity

Whether a homeowner is doing a complete bathroom overhaul, or just wants a refresh, it’s important to make the right choices during the design process. Bathroom remodels can be expensive, so homeowners want to ensure they’re choosing items that are going to work well in their space for the long haul.

Perhaps one of the most important choices to make during a bathroom remodel of any scale is the vanity. A vanity serves not just a functional purpose, but also tends to be the focal point of a bathroom, whether in a master bath or a hall bathroom.

The Technicalities
Before thinking about bathroom vanities or countertops from an aesthetic perspective, consider the technicalities, namely size, storage and plumbing.

By starting from this perspective, the search for the perfect vanity is a bit easier because a homeowner can narrow down the choices to items that will work for their bathroom.

For small bathrooms, it may be necessary to forego that double sink, and on the other side of the coin, for a large bathroom, it may be necessary to select an expansive vanity that fills the space appropriately, and looks like it’s well balanced.

If a homeowner selects a vanity that’s too small or too large, they’re going to have problems with proportionality in the bathroom.

It’s also important to consider storage options, particularly when selecting a vanity for a master bathroom, where functionality is a top concern.

Finally, think about not just the overall size of the vanity in terms of the size of the bathroom, but also the height of the vanity. If it’s for a bathroom that will be used by children, it may not make sense to have a floating vanity that’s high off the ground, whereas if only adults will be using it, it may be possible to choose something slightly more elevated.

There are a number of components that go into making a bathroom vanity work in a space, aside from the actual physical structure. Considerations include hardware, faucets, lighting and backsplashes.

When choosing a vanity, for homeowners who plan to use existing items, it can be ideal to choose one that’s going to go well with what’s already in place.

For homeowners completely redoing a bathroom, it’s a good idea to choose a vanity first, and then ensure all the other selected items work together to create a sense of cohesion.

Vanity Countertops
Choosing a bathroom countertop during a remodel can really be the fun part, because there’s often no limit in the type of materials to choose from, like the limitations that can exist when choosing kitchen countertops. In a kitchen it’s important to think about excessive use, and details like hot pots and cooking spills.

In a bathroom it’s necessary to consider exposure to water and humidity, but that’s about it.

Homeowners may want to consider a more high-end, luxury countertop for a bathroom vanity because it’s not necessary to purchase as much as what’s needed for a kitchen countertop project, allowing for a bit of a splurge.

Bathroom countertops are also a great place to be a bit more daring design choices, since it is a small space. Consider being adventurous and choosing a bright color or a luxe material like marble that will create a statement in the bathroom, while keeping the other materials more simple or understated.