A Total Round Up On “Labels”

Pieces of paper, polymer, cloth, metal, acrylic plastic or other material affixed to a container or article, on which is printed a legend, information concerning the product, addresses, etc is called Label. There are versatile uses of labels such as product identification, name tags, advertising, warnings, and other communication. Labels which are printed through a digital printing are called digital labels. Label also has special applications like RFID tags, security printing, and sandwich process labels.

Labels can be supplied separately on a roll and on a sheet. Most of the labels are pre-printed by the manufactures. Others have printing applied manually or automatically at the time of application. Some labels have protective overcoats, laminates, or tape to cover them after the final print is applied. This is sometimes before application and sometimes after.

Types of Featured labels

Piggyback labels: The top layer of such kind of labels can be a removable label that can be applied elsewhere, which may change the message or marking on the remaining label underneath. This is often used on Express mail envelopes.

Tags/Asset labels: Tags/Asset labels are generally containing a barcode for electronic identification. And it is also used for marking fixed and non fixed assets.
Laser labels: are come in many particular shapes, sizes and materials. Such kinds of labels are generally die cut on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets.

Inkjet labels: Inkjet labels are also die cut on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets and a4 size and come in different sizes, shapes and materials. It is made to accept ink and dye from your inkjet printer. One of the very modern inkjet label material stocks is waterproof printable inkjet material commonly used for soap or shower gel containers.

Security labels: Security labels are used for authentication, theft reduction and protection against counterfeit and are commonly used on ID cards, credit cards, packaging, and products from CDs to electronics to clothing. These also used for anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, temper-evident seals etc.

Anti-Microbial labels: With the growth in hospital acquired infections such as MRSA and E-Coli the use of Antimicrobial labels in infection sensitive areas of hospitals are helping in combating these types of microbes.

There are also Block out and radioactive labels. Radioactive labels are related with chemical security.