A Smart Way To Grow Sales & Raise Capital – Canadian Factor Receivable Loans Financing Via Confidential Factoring

Is there actually a way to grow sales and raise capital at the same time? Seems like a bit of a contradiction, don’t you think? But thousands of Canadian firms have turned to receivables loans financing, a specialized sub set of asset based lending.

By factoring or selling their receivables as they generate revenue this factor strategy achieves out two stated goals, generating working capital every time you make a sale. And smarter business owners utilize confidential cash flow financing as a better method than their competitors to make that business financing strategy work even better.

If your firm just quite doesn’t have the track record to achieve all the bank or traditional financing you need then consider such a strategy with the added twist we’ve suggested, implementing a confidential invoice finance strategy .

Receivable loans financing, as we have said, is a sub set of asset based lending in Canada. It finances what is more often than not the largest asset on the left side of your balance sheet, your A/R!

What makes this financing so different then? A lot of our clients say ‘ the cost!’, and we’ll get to that shortly, because it is a more expensive type financing. But the true difference is the fact it doesn’t discriminate. What do we mean by that? Simply that if you firm is growing too fast, having challenges, etc your receivables are essentially the only qualifier to getting approved.

Utilizing confidential invoice factoring allows you to not have to focus on debt to worth rations, or cash flow coverage, or putting up substantial personal assets under a guarantee – it simply takes for face value the underlying assets , that the a/r!.. and finances them, all day, every day.

And could this financing work any more simply? We don’t think so. Every month, or more often if you wish you create a simple borrowing base certificate on your assets, such as you similarly would have done for your bank. Funds are advances against those receivables, and as you collect them the balance of course reduces, similar to a bank revolving facility.

And now for the difference, i.e. what actually differentiates our confidential invoice financing facility from day to day factoring that your competitors might be using. It’s actually the ‘ confidential ‘ aspect we have spoken of. If your competitors are using this Canadian business financing strategy we can most assuredly guarantee you that their customers and clients are being contacted by the factoring firm, and when payments do come in they are being segregated by your finance firm or even remitted to the finance firm directly.

That’s where confidential invoice factor facilities differ. The simple bottom line – you bill and collect your own receivables. You maintain control, and in Canada we tend to view that as a good thing. Most business owners and financial managers are not aware that that type of flexibility as an example is not available in the U.S. at all. And back to that cost issue. Confidential invoice factor facilities don’t cost anymore than regular invoice financing!

So, confused? We hope not. Interested? We hope so! Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on the benefits of a confidential receivables loan financing strategy. Satisfy those critical needs your company has, growth and cash flow.