A Review Of The Tom Challan Recruiting System

Who is Tom Challan?

Tom Challan is an extraordinary MLM recruiting coach who works in close conjunction with Dani Johnson. Part time, Mr. Challan as surpassed almost all of the MLM gurus – sponsoring 500 people in one year (from cold leads, mind you). He independently owns and operates a lead generation company called Earn Pro Leads, and also offers On The Job Training to his students.

What are his teachings?

Like many MLM gurus, Tom stays focused on the basics: prospecting, closing, and presenting using third party systems. Tom used to work with Dani Johnson with his prospecting and closing classes – charging $297 for each four week class. The training classes that Tom Challan teaches are made up entirely of live prospecting classes, followed by instructions on how to close. Dani Johnson is now personally offering the classes again, and Tom is more focused on building his lead company and doing his weekly OJT calls.

He has a simple, direct prospecting method that is comprised of basic open ended questions, listening, and following up with a simple script. He focuses on adapting the style of conversation to the personality type of the prospect, and building a strong rapport.

Tom Challan’s actual approach to building a business is completely unique in the world of Network Marketing. Prospecting and closing is the world of Tom Challan – as all menial tasks are outsourced to more capable individuals.

It’s amazing the results that Tom had from his unique system: growing an organization to 20,000 in one year entirely from cold leads.

Is Tom Challan the real deal?

I got a chance to personally meet Tom Challan on several occasions at various Dani Johnson events I attended in 2008. I’ve actually never met someone who has studied with Tom Challan for a long time who has not been successful in their business.

I would have to say that Tom is one of the best examples in the MLM profession.

There is one thing that would be greatly beneficial if you decide to use Tom Challan’s method:

Tom recommends doing a majority of your recruiting from purchased leads. Now this approach has worked for some (like Tom Challan and other gurus), however it is expensive and frustrating – usually lacking in any real results.) Recruiting from purchased leads, regardless of lead quality takes a great deal of skill and training.

One thing is for sure – if you’re going to learn Tom Challan’s approach – learn how to create your own leads.

Generating your own leads like that are less expensive than generic leads, and they have higher closing ratios too.

By learning and applying some basic, yet powerful online MLM strategies – you’ll actually be able to out sponsor Tom while maintaining your time freedom.

I want to share a simple thought that will help you build leads, friendships, and your downline over the internet. This will help you in your journey to be successful while still having a life:


Only project an image that is true to yourself online. The Cyber-Universe is full of phonies and it doesn’t need another one. What are you good at? What makes you unique? How are you different? Capitalize on your strengths and learn to speak from your heart. I’ll see you at the top. 

If you be yourself, you will be set apart from the noise and clutter of all the marketers that desire a space, yet are unworthy, in your prospect’s mind.

And they will only think of YOU.