A Review Of MLM Expert Michael Force

So who in the world is Michael Force? And why does that matter to you?

Michael Force, quite simply, is a self contained internet phenomenon. When I was researching Michael in preparation for this article, I noticed that he has a few different websites that are ranked within the top 150,000 websites online. (Once you get in the top 200,000, if you are a good marketer you can pretty much write your own check – Michael has SEVERAL) Quite frankly, he’s demonstrated that he knows his stuff by getting results.

Michael Force has been earning a seven figure income online for almost 3 years now and it doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down any time soon. The thing about Michael that I like is that he has a real heart to help others to reach financial freedom from home – in fact his goal is to help 100 individuals become millionaires from their own business. One thing that I would definitely recommend that you do is to spend time studying Michael Force and his websites to learn the exact strategies, tactics, and principles he uses to build his business. (That way you can copy him.)

So what business does Michael Force promote?

Michael is an independent affiliate of Carbon Copy Pro (CCP), Wealth Masters International (WMI), and several other well known programs. Essentially, if you become involved with him, you’ll be joining a proven online marketing system that has worked well for thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world.

How does Michael market his business?

Michael Force promotes his online business using proven, highly skilled marketing tactics. He follows a simple four step formula used by all of the top online internet entrepreneurs:

1. He has a simple, personally branded webpage that drives visitors to put their contact information into a form on the front of his site.

2. He designs internet campaigns to drive heavy traffic towards his websites.

3. He builds a relationship with his list through keeping in constant contact with an auto responder service.

4. He makes money from his list by selling affiliate programs, courses, relevant products (and of course, markets Carbon Copy Pro in the process.)

Michael is an expert in online sales funnels, and he understands that only a small percentage of the people who look through his website are going to join him in his Carbon Copy Pro business.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Internet marketing has never been complicated – people, however, ARE complicated, and that’s where they fumble it up.

So should you rush out and join Michael Force?

Well, that’s entirely up to you. While I certainly respect Michael, and consider him an excellent entrepreneur, I took a look at the Carbon Copy Pro business model and decided NOT to get involved. Why is that? Well, there are several reasons – and although I respect the CCP and WMI business models, I can’t justify the cost of the programs.

Essentially, when you take a look at an opportunity, you have to ask the question ‘If I WERE NOT getting involved with this business to make money, would I want to buy this product or service anyway?’ For me, although I value personal growth and ongoing learning, I feel that I have gotten better value at less cost than the price of Carbon Copy Pro.

I took a look at CCP and didn’t get involved because the only way I would spend that much money on an opportunity is because I was involved in a business selling the product. I simply didn’t see the innate value in it. Now maybe you’re different – and certainly if you would be willing to normally spend $20,000 on a training series – then perhaps CCP is the right business for you and Michael Force is an excellent leader to join.

Just be ABSOLUTELY SURE that it is what you want to do before you take the plunge, though. Do all the research you need. Perhaps you’ll find a business with a sleeker, more competitive business model where you can earn just as much money without pulling a second mortgage out on your house.