A Review of Brian Garvin and Jeff West, Creators of MLMReviewKings.com

Here’s a brief background on Jeff West and Brian Garvin:

Jeff West and Brian Garvin are online entrepreneurs with a successful combined history of over 17 years of helping other people succeed from their own business. In the last few years, they’ve become known for developing their website, MLMReviewKings.com, where they provide helpful information on hundreds of MLM companies.

So what is the company that Brian Garvin and Jeff West promote?

Brian and Jeff both are successful MLM leaders promoting Trivita, which is a unique company, combining proven direct response marketing campaigns with the MLM business model to innovate what they call ‘co-operative marketing.’

The idea that drives co-operative marketing is that the driving force behind residual income is customer acquisition, and since most people in MLM don’t have any customers, rather than trying to implement distributor driven sales, distributors focus on recruiting and outsource their customer gathering to Trivita (which of course, they accomplish by paying a hefty fee). The positives to this way of marketing is that your downline can essentially combine their efforts with a well established marketing company simply by paying a ‘per customer’ fee.

So this is also the downside to Trivita – if you aren’t equipped financially to spend thousands of dollars per month on customers, there’s not going to be much of a place for you.

Should you join Jeff West and Brian Garvin?

I would encourage you to do your research before you make any decisions, but in the end it’s up to you. One benefit I can give Trivita is that simply put they are extraordinarily unique as a company. In fact, I currently know of no other opportunity where you can pay the company to get customers for you.

Quite a while ago now, I actually read a book that Brian Garvin wrote, and I subscribed to their online newsletter. The very next day, I got a call from Brian and we talked about Trivita, online MLM, and other interesting marketing ideas.

I got the distinct impression that Brian and Jeff are passionate, driven, and available to help and mentor their downline. Because of that, if you decide to join Trivita, I encourage you to seek out Brian and Jeff and get involved with them on their team.

So is joining Trivita a good idea?

As for myself, I would rather get involved in a MLM where I don’t have to keep buying new customers every month. Although I feel that the Trivita business model can be lucrative for the right person, I also believe that there are about 10 better MLM opportunities that have better compensation plans, simpler customer acquisitions techniques, and more importantly, they simply are less of an investment to get started.

Network Marketing is not dead, and simply put, is the best way on earth to create a significant passive income. However, I would encourage you to do your own research, subscribe to Brian and Jeff’s newsletter, and speak with them personally to get all of your questions answered. MLM takes a lot of hard work and patience, and doing your due diligence is the first step to success in Network Marketing.

So what should you do next?

To be honest, it’s more important to learn how to recruit and prospect in the twenty first century than it is to learn how to spot the right company – because you’ll run into the same obstacles in Trivita that you will in the newest, greatest company.

Prospering in MLM is a result of leveraging yourself through a system that actually produces results long term, and having fun while you’re at it.