A Quick and Exciting History of Viking Pool Cues

Almost fifty years ago in Wisconsin, Viking pool cues came into existence. Little did Gordon Hart, the creator of the carefully designed cues, know that they would quickly sweep the nation. His humble operation in the basement of his pool room was welcomed by plenty of admiration as his Viking cues were recognized as some of the best in the billiards industry.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Hart’s small company continued to grow and grow based on their own merits. However, when the film “The Color of Money” hit the big screen in 1986, the success of Viking cues could no longer be avoided. Viking, like so many other companies in the billiard industry, didn’t know what hit them when “The Color of Money” came out, as it sent waves of change through billiard halls across America — suddenly, people discovered how fun and exciting it was to play pool. Pool became a legitimate sport almost overnight!

Signal the widespread appearance of the Viking pool cue. Viking cues were practically a household name by the late 1980’s, and Hart felt he must take advantage of this new societal phenomenon. With the help of his wife Nancy, the two worked on an aggressive advertising campaign to help get Viking cue sticks into every home with a pool table. But getting the word out was only part of their strategy.

Additionally, Viking cues were being constructed with a new vision for detail and innovation. They were created to be distinctly unique from their peers. And now, in the 21st century with the new and advanced F-series, owners can rest assured that their Viking pool cue is not like a typical pool cue. This is because it’s built differently. Most pool cues are made with steel and metal to connect the wood pieces. But Viking connects the pieces with finger-joints that allow for maximum flexibility.

And Viking cues are of course just as straight and strong as the best in the industry, as the wood is seasoned for up to 24 months. Each Viking cue is a modern day tribute of art and talent to the brands history of quality. So you’re not just getting long-lasting, game-enhancing Viking cues, but a billiard cue that looks as sharp as its aim. Just because Viking cues focus on the professional level of play and craftsmanship doesn’t mean you need to save up for months and months to get one. The Hart’s advertising strategy also included creating cues for average billiards enthusiast without sacrificing quality. As you can see, Viking cues has had a dramatic history that ring’s true with the American dream.