A Quest for Understanding and Connection – Part 3

I started my personal quest for understanding through science, which led me to psychology, which led to spirituality. I earned university degrees along the way, and have spent countless hours in workshops and seminars. My love for nature brought me to the study of science and ecology, my love for myself led me to psychology and the healing of my past, and my love for God led me to spirituality. Initially, my spiritual study seemed to move me away from my earlier scientific studies, but ultimately it brought me back full circle. I now understand science and nature from the wisdom of spirituality. The circle, the hoop, and the medicine wheel I have learned to love and honor, from indigenous teachings, has brought me back to the beginning. I now understand all of my studies to be one study—the art and science of universal consciousness. I no longer see the disciplines as separate, just as I no longer see myself as separate from anything or anyone else. My spirit teachers are as real as my traditional teachers. The wisdom of the spirits is as valid as all of the university courses I took.

The ideas I present in this book are alternative and were learned from my interactions with the spiritual realm. The spirits have been my greatest teachers and my most beloved friends. Some of the information came through the process of my own personal journeys, where I was put in what I would call spirit school. “Journey” is the term used to describe the altered state of consciousness obtained in the process of interacting with the spiritual realm. During this phase of my learning, the spirits fed me ideas so fast I had to use a tape recorder to keep up with the information. Other information came through working with clients during their soul retrievals (a shamanic form of healing, which I will explain in depth) and counseling sessions. I have blended this information with my understanding of science, energy, and psychology.

I provide personal experiences to illustrate my teachings, and I hope that you can add your own thoughts and experiences to personalize the information. As you read, please keep in mind that I endorse no particular way to do things; I merely propose methodologies that work. There are many ways to contact Spirit or God. The shamanic style of contacting spirits, healing, and being connected on a spiritual path works well for me and my numerous clients. I hold no claim to any of these concepts; I simply explain things the way I understand them to be true.

Connection is your birthright; it does not come from someone else. Loving Spirit and desiring a relationship with Spirit helps your connection grow and develop. After all, if you want to walk the spiritual path, then you need to be working with Spirit. Each person has as much access to the spiritual realm as any other person. All people are spirits in individual form, and all can connect to the spiritual realms at whatever level they choose.
I have found that walking the spiritual path takes willingness, dedication and love. I have to be willing to risk and try new things as they are presented to me; I have to be dedicated to advancing my skill level. Journeying is like any new skill; the more I practice the better I become.

I choose to be very connected to the spirits, and they have asked that I pass along my teachings. I do this with great humility and love. My whole intention is to be of service. Hopefully something in this book will add to your own quality of life.