A Personal Driver for the Masses

There are a few luxuries in this world that are traditionally the domain of the super-rich: private jets, exotic vacation destinations, mega yachts and chauffeured driven vehicles. Nobody has quite figured out how to bring down the costs of private jets, yachts and exotic travel for the masses but having a personal driver, to drive you in your own vehicle, is now not only affordable but highly practical through the growing cottage industry of designated driving services.

Some of these services rely solely on the practice of driving people who have indulged in too much drinking while a few, very sophisticated companies offer a membership-based, personal driving service for people who value safety, convenience and privacy at an affordable price. With such services, once a member, you have access to a large pool of drivers who have been vetted through a rigorous screening process, to drive you in your own vehicle. It is a superior alternative to a smelly cab or an expensive beat-up Town Car.

Utilizing a service such as this is traditionally simple and seamless. With the premium companies an individual can choose a level of membership via an online application or mobile app and then take full advantage of everything the service has to offer. Trips to and from the airport, after an outpatient medical procedure where typically someone would have to ask a friend or family member, nights on the town, and shuttling kids around town are many of the popular uses for a personal driver.

Services like this are an outstanding solution for seniors who no longer drive or have driving restrictions but still have a perfectly nice vehicle. Of course, there are those times when individuals should never get behind the wheel. Sure, someone can call a cab but then you have to arrange to get your vehicle home from the departing destination.

So we get back to the question, “why drive your own car?” Certainly we all want the freedom to hop into our vehicle and drive to a desired destination. But haven’t you passed a chauffeured driven vehicle and said to yourself “that would be nice once in a while.” Well, that once in a while is now and affordable with a handful of companies around the country. Start enjoying life a bit more without the worry of traffic, bad drivers, parking, and the associated stress. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough and certainly a minute number that provide the total package.