A Night of Romance and History in Pontevedra at the Pazo de Eidián

As would be fit any major country in the western world, hotels in Galicia and Northern Spain are spacious, comfortable and clean. The hotels are awarded between one and five stars and these are allocated by the local tourist Authority.

If you want something slightly different then most people would head for one of the various exclusive hotels throughout the region or one of the “Paradors” that can be found in various key places throughout the area.}

In this article we are going to take a look at the Pazo de Eidián.

The Pazo can be found at 36527 A Golada – PONTEVEDRA

As of the time of the writing of this article the contact telephone number for The Pazo is +34 986 68 25 45 and the fax number is +34 677 57 33 77.

At the time of the writing of this article, the manager to contact for information would be www.pazoeidian.com and The Pazo has the following number of rooms: 12.

The Pazo de Eidián, is a typical Galician country manor house dating from the late 16th century, which underwent partial transformation with the addition of defensive structures during the 1st Carlist war. It was the ancestral home of the López de Basadre family, whose coat-of-arms presides over the gateway. This stately home was built on land belonging to the Knights-Templar, from whose times only the village chapel remains.

Like all Pazos, there is a fair amount of history surrounding the building and in this case it is the following. After a period of recent renovation, all of the old feeling of the manor house has been carefully harmonised with period furniture. The building is structured around a large patio covered by a vine arbour and is surrounded by meadows, all part of the property, so that guests can enjoy the Galician countryside and art. The premises are enclosed by a wall built at the same time as the house, offering guests over 15k sq metres to enjoy. The Pazo offers a restaurant service with several dining areas, one of which still conserves the well, oven and wine press belonging to the Manor House. The largest dining room is decorated with more th

With regards to the actual facilities that the Pazo has to offer they are as follows: 10 Double Rooms, 2 special double rooms (suites).

All usual mealtimes are observed at this Pazo and they are, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

As well as the individual room facilities, this Pazo has the following shared amenities and facilities: Restaurant, Dining room and cafeteria for guests, Reading room with a “Lareira” (Galician Hearth), TV room..

Outside you can find the following amenities for guests: 10k sq metres of gardens, 100 year old Raised Granary and “Eira” (threshing floor), Patio and terrace.

The immediate geographic location for this Pazo is as follows: Located in the heart of Galicia, the Manor House presides over the countryside and offers panoramic views of the northeastern corner of the province of Pontevedra, and is only 3 Km. away from the provinces of A Coruña and Lugo, and only a short distance from the Way of St. James as it passes through Melide. It is therefore, a privileged location, where you can set out from to see most of Galicia and visit the city of Santiago.

With regards to the scenic location for the Pazo, it is extremely well located. The house is perched on a hill overlooking the Ulla River, right in the centre of Galicia. From its convenient location you can visit the fortresses of Pambre and San Paio de Narla, “pendellos” (shelters) of Agolada, the monasteries of Sobrado, Oseira and Carboeiro, the Manor Houses, Pazo de Oca and the Pazo de Borraxeiros, the house-convent of the Order of Santiago of Vilar de Donas and many other monuments and enchanting places tucked away in the heart of Galicia..

If the above are not enough for either you or your family then you will find within close proximity the following facilities; Cycling, hiking, guided excursions, Pony Trekking trails, Quad biking, Rafting, Bungee jumping), hunting (authorised seasons), coarse fishing ( in season), Canoeing.