A Nice Mind Trick – To Release Your Resistance To Money

Copyright 2006 Olga Farber Becker

When you’re thinking of money and it brings painful thoughts – what do you do? Trying to run from these thoughts or just switch from them to positive ones doesn’t always work.

Then instead of running from the pain we can use it to our advantage.

Abraham-Hicks says, as our emotions are, so is what we get following our thoughts surrounded by these emotions. The stronger the emotions, the stronger you attract what you’re thinking of, to you.

Which means, if you open your email and see no sales there and you feel strong pain “why doesn’t the money come?” – it means, you attract to yourself the situations where you’ll feel exactly this, that the money doesn’t come.

Or if you’re looking at a stack of bills you need to pay, or your credit card printouts bring you the feeling “why the money goes and goes, when will it start to come??”

But let’s turn the pain to our best weapon! 🙂

They say you’re having a strong emotion, strongly attract to you… something. And your feeling of pain is there because you resist what you want to come to you.

Then let’s see it like this:

What we want, WANTS TO COME TO US. But we resist it, and by that we don’t let it come to us. So when we see email without sales and feel pain, it’s actually pain because MONEY WANTS TO COME TO US and we resist it! IT’S NOT THE PAIN THAT IT DOESN’T COME!

If you’re a woman, you’ll understand the analogy with giving birth: 🙂 Grantly Dick-Read wrote about it – when in labor, normally the woman feels the pain only if she resists the baby going out. She heard from her childhood that labor is pain, and so she is afraid, so she contracts the muscles instead of relaxing and letting them stretch to release the baby. That’s the basis of all modern and old techniques of giving birth naturally and painlessly.

SO try to realize it when you feel pain thinking about lacking what you want: the pain doesn’t mean you hurt because of not having it, the pain means it WANTS TO COME TO YOU and your pain is from resistance only.

Imagine it: money wants to come to you so much, but you barricaded your doors and windows, holding the door as you only can, shouting NO!! 🙂

Please, please – release the hold, unbarricade even one window – you’ll immediately feel better and you’ll finally let what you want, come to you EASILY, QUICKLY and with FUN.

To beautiful life experience!