“A New Year, A New You”

From some points of view, change can seem superficial, even fake. The fickle and quick-paced consumer culture disposes of one fad in favor of another, a new car model becomes the IT thing to have, a piece of technology renders old versions obsolete. It may seem that meaning and true spirituality are only found in the timeless and unchanging.

In reality, however, anything in Creation, even the most sacred, must go through periods of renewal. The sun itself disappears and is reborn day after day, just as seasons yield in their natural succession. Our very name for the first month of the year comes from the Latin word for doors (ianua) and commemorates the Roman god Janus. To those highly civilized yet earthy people, the double-headed god (seeing both the past and the future) represented the transition between primitive life and civilization, between the countryside and the city, the balance between peace and war, and the growing-up of young people. He was especially worshipped at the beginning of important events in a person’s life.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, this is a month to re-affirm the spiritual principles at your core in a way that will guide you for the whole year. While in the month of January, take up the responsibility of the spiritual life that calls you. Do something incredibly kind, tell someone you love them with actions instead of words. Maybe take that leap of faith toward self-improvement. Just get through the door. Do whatever it takes to get the love and light you have within and show it to the world.

It’s a whole new year. Sometimes change just means a new chance to express what you’ve always been. Why not resolve to really be where you are?