A Mothers Decision

Mystery Shopping A Mother’s Decision

When I got home from my regular 9-to-5 job that day, I checked the mail. Inside was a simple large white envelope. My heart started racing. Was I really sure about this? I pulled the package out and held it in my hands back into the house like a carton of eggs. My mind was racing. Was I crazy to be thinking about giving up my regular job? I loved being a receptionist at my law firm. I sat down at the table and sat the envelope in front of me. I considered just throwing it away.

My 2-year-old daughter’s squeals from the living room caused me to look up. Her bright eyes were shining as she ran around the living room singing to whatever song was on the Disney Channel. No, I was doing the right thing. To give up my job at the law firm, to take up mystery shopping was a right choice. I would be free to spend time with my daughter and do all the things with her that I couldn’t right now. I would be getting paid as much as I wanted, as many shops as I wanted to do. And I think I could afford to buy my own insurance and build up my own retirement fund. She was worth it.

So that night after I laid my daughter down for bed, I sat up and read all the information on mystery shopping that got sent to me. I learned about all the skills I would need to utilize and all that I would contribute by taking the job and decided that I made the right decision. The next day I put in my two weeks notice. A little scared but yet happy about my decision, I embarked upon my new career as a mystery shopper.

Mystery shopping turned out to be a lot of fun and a lot of work. I was surprised at all the responsibilities I actually had. I had to have a sharp eye for detail. I had to remember everything and then go home and fill out my evaluation. Of course, I couldn’t fill out my evaluation sheet at the store – it would have been obvious what I was doing. And I couldn’t even have taken notes. I found myself proud of what I was doing. I was making a difference. My evaluations. My opinions. My feedback had a direct impact on decisions made by the home office, by the companies I mystery shopped for.

I could do three mystery shops in one day and I would do them everyday, sometimes even on weekends. I could bring my daughter with me or I could choose to do them by myself. I was able to spend more time with her and enjoy my own freedom. I loved not being tied down to a desk all day. I loved being in charge of my paycheck. I had a strong sense of power behind what I did.

Was quitting my full time job to pursue a mystery shopping career smart? Who know? Maybe it wasn’t. But I love my decision. I am making money. I am supporting my family and I’m not strapped for cash. I did lose the benefits but if I keep making this money then I could take care of that myself. I’m proud of my decision.


This mother’s decision to quit her job and turn to mystery shopping affected her family and her life. Was it the right decision?

Source: https://positivearticles.com