A Man’s Greatest Ambition

In a classroom of sophomore high school students, a teacher ask his students what ambitions do they have in their lives. These young and idealistic students then answered one by one. All of them tried to make their ambitions become the highest one. One student answered he wants to become a lawyer. Another student wanted to become a doctor. One bright student said he wants to become the president of his country. All of us had our own ambitions in life. One person I know, her great ambition in life is to travel around the world. Some people even aim to be number one in the world. These persons want to become the richest, most famous, most intelligent, most powerful and even the most beautiful persons in the world. Some benevolent persons of our world devote their lives in helping other people. Their ambitions in life are to be able to help the poor people of this world. Different people have different ambitions. All of them thought their own ambitions are the greatest ambitions in the world.

In my philosophical point of view, I classified human’s ambitions into two. They are ambitions which are impossible to achieve and ambitions which are possible to achieve. In my entire life, I already had different ambitions. As I grow, my ambitions changes and grows. Like other people, I also make sure that my ambition would be the greatest ambition in the world and beyond. I even aim to become a God. However, after my mind becomes matured, I realized that this ambition belongs to an ambition which is impossible to achieve. I will be so foolish if I continue such ambition. For this reason, I started to think and deeply analyze how can I reduced such impossible ambition to become a possible ambition but still become the greatest human ambition. I can be the most famous, most beautiful, richest and most powerful person in the world. But what if I die? Those things would suddenly become useless. So I need an ambition which doesn’t ends and perishes. One thing that doesn’t perish is our spirits. Indeed I cannot become a God, but still I can be with God. I can be in his kingdom and had an everlasting life. This is the greatest thing that can possibly happen to a man. This is the greatest ambition a man could ever have.

Men’s greatest ambitions need the greatest steps to achieve such ambition. These are the hardest and the most difficult steps among other steps for achieving ambitions. These steps need great things to guide us. Love, truth, humility and kindness are some of the great things we can use to achieve this ambition. We must do hardest things to succeed the men’s greatest ambition. Two of the most common and irresistible sins of humanity are the two L’s, the “Lust” and the “Lies”. We must resist on these sins together with the other sins of humanity. We must clean our spirits and fill them with love and kindness. Let us obey God’s commandments. Let us make our selves appropriate for God. With these steps we will achieve the greatest ambition of humanity. That is to be with God, be in His kingdom and have an everlasting life.

We are all free to dream and have our own ambitions. But let us aim the highest possible thing. Let us dream knowing our limitations. “Limitation keeps us in position”. And if you go beyond the limitations, you will be out of your position. The truth will guide us and God will always be just on us.