A Look At Back Pain Surgery

Reasons To Have Back Pain Surgery:

When all other forms of treatment have failed and you have no other route to take to alleviate the your back pain, it is time to consider back surgery. Although considered an elective form of surgery and very rarely classified as necessary most health insurance plans will cover back pain surgery.
Back Surgery is never to be taken lightly and this is an option that you will want to discuss with your physician to weigh all the pros and cons.

Types of conventional back surgery :

Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF): A patient suffering from leg or back pain is a potential candidate for ALIF surgery. This back pain surgery is preformed to relieve the painful symptoms caused by the natural degeneration of the disc space.

Laminectomy: Lumbar laminectomy is an operation performed on the lower spine to relieve pressure on one or more nerve roots. The term is derived from lumbar (lower spine), lamina (part of the spinal canal’s bony roof), and -ectomy (removal).
Some known problems with these forms of surgery:
With this form of back surgery about 25% of the grafts do not take making it necessary to perform another fusion.
In conventional back surgeries, including fusions, less then 50% will actually alleviate the pain and symptoms of the problem.
Recuperation is a long painful process
Other spine conditions may develop from fusions

Types of Laser Back Surgery:

Percutaneous Arthroscopic Discectomy:

Percutaneous Discectomy is a simple laser back surgery solution that relieves the pressure within the disc which, therefore alleviates the pain. With this minimally invasive procedure the patient will be able to walk out on their own accord 2-3 hours after the laser back surgery is completed. This laser back surgery is used to surgically remove herniated disc/bulging disc material that is pressing on the nerve root or spinal cord.

A laminotomy is not a laminectomy. With an arthroscopic approach to a laminotomy to open up the spinal canal general anesthesia is not required. A laminotomy is a laser back surgery procedure used to relieve pressure from the spinal canal for the existing nerve root and spinal cord. This increases the amount of space that is available for the neural tissue releasing the nerves.