A Historical Account of Incense

Incense is not a byproduct of the present times; it traces its roots from the times of the Egyptians, Babylonians and other ancient civilizations. The therapeutic purpose of incense is mentioned in various books. In fact, nobody can deny its astonishing benefits for our body, soul and mind. This is even indicated in the description in the manuscripts found in the ancient times.

Incense has always been an integral part of religious sacraments throughout the world. In most the Asian countries, a blend of sandalwood is used with other aroma products. It titillates your senses and rejuvenates an aura of aesthetic charm. It will purify not just the atmosphere but your spirit and mind, as well.

In the contemporary world, people are more dependable upon modern ways to cure any of their disorder, which is of course a quick way to heal but certainly not a permanent one. Some incense leaves a lingering effect on your senses, when burnt and it remains even after incense had burnt.

Fragrance plays a crucial role in our day to day life. We usually smell food before eating. The initial reason for this is that it appeals to our sense of smell, increase our appetite and we feel gratified. Same is the case with incense; it helps to soothe our senses. It is used to treat disorder arousing from mood swings, insomnia, depression and so on.

Incense was used in classical era by knights and kings. With a shift in times, its applicability has also witnessed some alteration. It is gaining popularity among common man. Nowadays, it is employed by spas to rejuvenate your skin and replenish it with a new aura of life.

Incense comes in all kinds of fragrances from pungent to sweet, mild to strong. There are various fragrances like rose, eucalyptus, rose, lavender, jasmine and many more. You can choose the one you like.

There are very many cosmetics, body wash and soaps which are based on this principle of aroma therapy. Its accessibility has been increased with online marketing, which means its availability is not only confined to spas or any specific store. If you are net friendly, you can certainly enjoy the enigmatic charm of incense whenever you want.

Incense leaves you with a lovely fragrance to purify the atmosphere around you and bring some positive ambiance in your home. It will fill you with an aesthetic soothing, magical feeling, a never felt before experience. It is among the most beautiful and precious gift of nature to human.