A Helping Hand With A Travel Checklist

Before you embark on your next visit to America or Canada to visit relatives take a quick look at the check list here to ensure the trip is easy and trouble-free. It’s very easy to forget something when planning to go abroad, whether it’s getting someone in to water the plants or, more importantly, your health insurance.

Separate your list into two categories and work your way down it. Hand luggage should contain the necessary documents for traveling including passports and visa, any documentation regarding the airline reservation and hotel booking, and your insurance policy. These are just the bare essentials required when holidaying abroad; keep them safe in your hand luggage so even if your main baggage is lost or misplaced you still have the important paperwork with you.

Some good advice is to make copies of your insurance and travel information, and then if somehow this is also lost you can give the relevant authorities the ID numbers for a swift replacement.

We’re not finished with the hand luggage yet; a long-haul trip can be a bit of an ordeal and even though you are on the plane and generally they provide everything you need there are still a few items you really shouldn’t be without. Pack a warm sweater in your bag as it can get very cold in-flight, or in the terminal if you have to change planes at some point, and you don’t want to be uncomfortable. It’s easy enough to pack away and put on if you do get chilly.

Books and magazines are always useful as it can be very tedious travelling long distances, the more you have to keep you occupied the quicker time will fly. Take a favourite novel or some gossip magazines for entertainment, or how about a crossword book and give your brain some exercise.

Falling asleep on the plane is normal but it’s not nice to wake up with foul breath, messy hair, and rumpled clothes. Carry a small wash bag with you with the essentials inside, tissues, toothbrush and paste, a comb and wet wipes, even a clean t-shirt are just some of the easiest things to carry, and are more than welcome on flights that seem to go on forever and ever. Luckily many of the major airlines actually provide toothbrush/paste, socks, blankets, and a few other necessary items so if you do forget it’s not totally bad news.

If you take any medication then don’t pack it away in your main luggage if it’s needed whilst you’re travelling, and just as important is to consider how you will carry your money and will it be in the form of the currency of the country you’re going to, travelers cheques, or can you simply use your ATM card? You’ll need money for the country you are leaving and arriving in, and if in transit for more than a few hours in another foreign country you might want to buy some refreshments there too. These all need bearing in mind if you want to have as comfortable as journey as possible.

Then of course there are your valuables which might disappear if put into the main baggage or even get damaged so it’s best to carry them with you. A mobile phone, camera, an iPod, kindle, and laptop are the most common electronic items carried by travelers these days. Visitors insurance can provide cover against loss of personal belongings or theft.

That just about covers the hand luggage, which leaves everything else to be packed away in the main luggage, remember as soon as it’s checked in that’s the last of it you’ll see until you reach the destination country so make certain you don’t need anything in there. Some essential items you could do with whilst away include suncream, sunglasses and swim suits if the weather is going to be hot, or rain wear if the opposite, travel adaptors always come in handy, and a change of underwear of course!

Traveler insurance is vital for any international trip and visitors to the USA and Canada need visitor insurance given the high cost of health care there. These medical protection plans provide coverage for accident and health expenses during the overseas stay and you often need to show proof of it before the travel visa is issued.