A Healthy Dinacharya for a Healthy Day

Your days in your life can be healthier with a dinacharya kit. It is not just a collection of a few articles, but also the guidelines to managing your daily life, so that you can enjoy healthier lifestyle.

Waking Up

Start your day between 4.30 and 5.30 in the morning. This is the best time to wake up. It is also the best time to do anything that demands intellectual strains. It also is good time to practice physical training, although you can wait till 6.30-7.00.


If possible, take a bath immediately after you wake up. This is good for students and professionals who use their brain power. Bath can also be between 7.00 and 8.00 in the morning, but not in the evening.

Reading Religious Texts

Before you go to any activities, read your holy scriptures – Bible, Gita or whatever you read. This makes a good beginning for the day.

Yoga & Meditation

Early morning is the best time to practice yoga and meditation. You need to practice yoga for 20 to 40 minutes. Get the lessons from a teacher and practice them at home.

Study or Read

Students should use morning time to study. Your mind will be more focused during the early hours of the day than any other time in the day. There are few disturbances around and you can learn twice as fast, than if you are studying in the evening.

Household Chores

There is no escaping from this for the adults. Start your household chores only after 6.30. You can manage everything when it is time to set off to office. If you work very far away, try to move to a place closer to your workplace. Don’t waste the best hours of your day commuting. The best hours are for you to spend on your body, mind and soul.


It is always better to eat food items cooked less than six hours ago. However, it is not always possible in today’s conditions. However, you can stick to the Ayurvedic principles of cooking and food. Also pack food for the school/office. It not only is good for your health, it also saves money spending on the restaurant.

Work/School Hours

Reach school or office at least ten minutes early. Sit on your seat and relax for a few minutes. This avoids the tensions of arriving late to school (for students) and office (employees).

After School/Office Hours

Take time to relax. Go for a relaxed walk to the park. Children can play at the park, while adults can just watch their children play. Consider these few minutes as your reward for doing a good job at the school/office.

Don’t Watch TV

If you don’t watch TV, it is good for your eyes and your body. However, it is OK to watch TV once a while. Daily watching of TV is not a desirable habit. There isn’t anything good coming out of TV – think about it.

Eat Healthy

Don’t go for junk food. An ice cream once a month is OK, more than that is bad. Avoid all kinds of processed and packed food.

Keep Good Company

Don’t deal with people who are abusive, don’t care about family & society, or otherwise have unacceptable habits. Good company is good for your mind and soul, while bad company can cause you stress and unwanted pressures.

That is all about keeping a naturally healthy lifestyle. It is enjoyable and guarantees health and fitness for both body and mind. It is also good for your soul too. Will you keep such a daily lifestyle?