A Healthier Body

Your body is an environment that constantly works to balance itself. It’s called homeostasis. If you look at your body like a swimming pool, the pool’s PH (acid/alkaline level) needs to stay in balance otherwise, it will potentially be a bacterial and algae friendly environment.

Your body is the same. Our diets, especially in Western culture, are primarily very acidic. The good news is the fix is easy. Simply add more alkaline foods for balance.
The easiest way I’ve found is to add a lightly processed green superfood to purified water. You can purchase this at any health food store. My favorite product is called Perfect Food by Garden of Life. It seems to be the highest quality choice because it is lightly processed and is blended with fermented (live) foods. I believe that adding green superfood changed my level of health in a big way, and I have since found even more effective options.

Another easy way to add balance to your PH levels is to stop by your local smoothie shop and pick up an ounce or two of fresh pressed wheat grass juice. This is more preferable to me than the green powder option because the grass is pressed fresh right before my eyes. Some people do not enjoy the taste of wheat grass juice. Yet the benefit far outweighs the brief unpleasant flavor. Most smoothie shops will offer a complimentary shot of fruit juice or an orange wedge to help with the grass taste.

My search for the absolute, most effective and enjoyable way to achieve optimal health has led me to drink fresh, green organic juices. Simply follow these steps:
#1 Buy a vegetable juicer, gear pressed is best, but any will do.
#2 Buy one bunch of dark green organic kale, and one apple per serving. Kale is packed with nutrients, but again any dark organic green you prefer will be fine. The apple is added for taste. It’s crucial for you to enjoy the taste so that you will continue to drink the juice and receive the great health benefits.
#3 Juice both the kale and apple together. Try different kinds of apples to find your favorite.
You can also add more than one apple to the juice to make it sweeter.
I drink this juice several times a week, if not every day.

When I started doing this one thing on a regular basis, allergic reactions cleared. Colds, sore throats, headaches, and mysterious illness vanished forever. My energy also increased.
The reason fresh juice is superior to the powdered green described above is because of the “aliveness” factor. Most people believe that we get energy from our food. If we eat only cooked and processed food, I think we miss out on the true nutrition (energy) we were looking for in the first place.
In my mind, energy equals life. How much energy is in something that is throughly cooked? While cooking is effective in sterilizing the food from undesirable bacteria and parasites that could possibly exist, it also kills the nutrients

Drinking organic green juices balances our health because most of the time when we sit down for a meal, the focus is to fill our bellies with tasty food and to spend quality time with loved ones. Our culture has made fast, convenient food more important than quality food. Consuming healthy food has not been easy. Making yourself some organic green juice to drink everyday is a tool you can use to balance your body in today’s world.

By Alden Witte