A Guide To Paper Guillotines

There are very few office environments that do not need to make use of a paper guillotine during their day-to-day work. A guillotine can be used for everything, from cutting down a large piece of paper to the required size, to creating custom-sized paper for presentations, invitations, flyers and other promotional and display materials.

Some companies need to invest in a high-volume guillotine for frequent usage, while smaller businesses may be looking for a simple, reliable desktop guillotine for occasional use. Those in the printing, paper-handling, or advertising areas of business may, for example, be looking for a paper guillotine that will be in more or less constant use.

Nowadays there is a paper guillotine available no mater what your particular requirements or budget is. An established and reputable supplier will be able to offer you a selection of guillotines to choose from, so you can find the one that will offer the most to your business. Purchasing the most suitable paper guillotine will save you time and money, as well as helping to create a professional image for your company’s printed products.

There are three basic ways to narrow down your choice of paper guillotine ‘ by type, by manufacturer or by cutting size. Should you only need to trim paper occasionally then a desktop guillotine represents and idea choice as the tend to be compact and easy to store. There is a massive range of desktop paper guillotines available from manufacturers, including Dahle, Ideal, Intimus, GBC and HSM.

A4 desktop guillotines can be extremely good value for money and even top-of-the-range models, designed to cut up to paper sizes A2 and A1, still only cost just a few hundred pounds. Even entry level paper guillotines are designed to be easy to use as well as compact , while still meeting all safety standards.

Heavy duty guillotines require more storage space and are a safe manual option for a business looking to accurately and quickly cut large piles of print-outs or to aid in the precision sizing of a large stack of paper. Heavy duty guillotines can cut large numbers of sheets simultaneously and accurately and are generally easy to operate. Despite their higher costs in comparison to desktop guillotines, heavy duty guillotines still represent a great return on your investment, enabling you to accurately cut large quantities of paper on a machine that is built to last.

Electronic guillotines are an impressive high-tech, high volume solution for all your paper-cutting needs and are particularly useful to those in the printing and paper handling business, or perhaps design and media companies, who need to produce large quantities of professionally-cut paper for a range of business purposes.

Ideal and EBA are leading manufacturers in the field of electronic guillotines. The Ideal 3915-95 electronic guillotine would make a great value-for-money addition to any printing company or busy reprographics department. It has a 390mm cutting length, a 40mm cutting height and can be purchased as a stand-alone guillotine, on a stand or as cabinet, depending on your individual requirements and storage space. The Ideal 7228-06 LT electronic guillotine is the ultimate electronic guillotine and comes with an according array of features that include a 720mm cutting length, an 80mm cutting height, a hydraulic clamp drive, 40 different electronic programmes and an HSS steel blade.