A Guide to Inkjet Printer Maintenance

If you truly value any investment that you make, you will give your printer a considerable amount of attention. Oftentimes because of the bulks of tasks that must be accomplished, the care and maintenance of this computer component is overlooked. You should remember that without it, the data from the virtual media will never have its physical form. Regardless of the regularity or irregularity of the use of your printer, it is only right that you take time to clean its parts. It is through proper inkjet printer maintenance that its insides are ensured to be dirt free, clog free, and in the top shape in terms of performance.

Any mechanical device will succumb to malfunction if it is not taken cared at all. The performance will suffer and its supposed to be long span of life will be cut short. It is highly advised that proper cleaning and maintenance is done every six months. More regularity is therefore required if the device is used on a daily basis. It is not enough to cover the printer when it is not being used.

The dirt has its own way of getting through the parts and therefore causes clogging. The pet’s hair can also get through the small holes so it is really important to clean the surroundings as well as the printer itself. This article will guide you throughout the appropriate ways of taking good care of this very essential computer part.

Indications of Clogged Print Head and Measures to Take

How do you know that the print head is blocked?

There are two main indications for you to notice. First, white lines appear when printing is in process. Second, there is no ink that comes out when a document is being printed. This usually happens when the printer has been idle for a very long time so its tendency is to behave this way.

What can you do?

The best thing to do is to install a cleaning cartridge which often comes with the package upon the purchase. The installation is done using the same procedure as with the ink cartridge replacement. After which, proceed with the head cleaning. Check the nozzles too. If the same poor printing quality shows again, better repeat the cleaning of the print head. This however doesn’t apply to the cleaning of any damaged print head.

Solving the Problem with the Ink Cartridge Nozzles

There are times when the cartridge nozzles are the ones that cause the trouble. This often takes place when dry ink blocks them. As a solution, simply take these steps as your guide.

Soak the blocked nozzles in warm water awaiting the free flowing of the dried ink out of the nozzle.

After a few more minutes, take them out of the water and dry them using soft tissue or cloth.
Reinstall the ink cartridge into the printer and run the same print head cleaning procedures. Repeat when necessary.

If the problem persists, uninstall the ink cartridge once more. Let it stand in an upside down phase and swab with rubbing alcohol. Leave it overnight. Reinstall it again in the morning and run the same print head cleaning steps.

If it proves to be serious, then it will be best to contact its manufacturer. Majority of the printer products come with years of warranty. To protect your investment, don’t forget to execute these simple inkjet printer maintenance methods.

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