A Guide to Inkjet Cartridge Refilling

You are printing a couple of data when suddenly the dialogue box reveals that there is no more ink. You have been constantly reminded of such yet you failed to purchase a new cartridge. The paper remains as white as ever as the printer pushes it out. Well, the OEM cartridge is a bit costly but if you do want to save then you will be better off with the compatible refills. So, how do you go about the inkjet cartridge refilling?

While it may appear crucial for some, the truth is that the steps are too easy provided that you are willing enough to follow a guide. Your printer will be useless if the cartridge is empty. How will you produce the soft copy of your documents? What papers will you present to your clients and superiors? Needless to say, the cartridge must be refilled as soon as the ink has run out to avoid further damages.

Take a look at the following reminders and measures in refilling the inkjet cartridge.

The very first thing that you must do is that of buying an ink refill kit. The local store outlets make it available but if what you are after for is a cheap price then you might as well shop online. Several online stores offer discount ink refill kits. Generally, the kit is inexpensive but it will be a lot better to shop around for some great buys.

Do the refilling procedure on a flat surface. Cover the surface with newspaper or paper towels so as not to leave some marks.

So you have already prepared all of the necessary materials. The next thing to indulge in is that of taking the empty cartridge out of the printer. The ink may be messy at times so to relieve you of the smudges, wear a pair of disposable gloves. After all, the ink is never easy to remove from the hands.

Always read the manual that comes along with the ink refill kit. You can’t afford to be mistaken or else you will end up wasting your hard earned money.

Feel for the holes on the cartridge. The refill holes are too little that you must spot them first prior to injecting the ink. If you are refilling the colored cartridge, make sure that you put in the exact color. They are magenta, cyan, and yellow. Never make the mistake of interchanging them because it is never fun!

You should never forget that the cartridge must not be overfilled. Its tanks can only accommodate a specific level so it will be wise for you to buy the print head tape so that you can measure the tolerable ink level. One more thing, if you have doubts that the ink is leaking, you must never install it inside the printer. This is not only about a lecture on wasting money but leaks can prompt more serious printer problems in the future.

Replace the ink cartridge back inside the printer and run the test printing to find out if you have done the right thing.

As soon as you are done with your work, carefully seal the spare ink. Label the containers so that they will not get mixed. Wipe the excess ink before keeping them. Also, ensure that you store the unused ink in a secure place.

There you go with the simple to follow steps in inkjet cartridge refilling. It is just a piece of cake, right?

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