A Guide to Bathrobes

Bathrobes are possibly among the most comfortable items that you can clad yourself in. These warm garments are more often than not seen in luxury hotels and spas, simply because of the luxurious feel that they create.

Stepping out of that sauna, shower or Jacuzzi and placing a high quality robe around you is a simple but luxurious pleasure. For hotels, they are one of the little things that can make all the difference to your guests and really set you off on the right foot.

In fact, customers enjoy bathrobes to such a degree that they are one of the more common items taken home illicitly from hotels. However, even such a risk can be an opportunity for advertising once you have your logo embroidered on the robe. Think for the next ten years, your logo may be one of the first things that the person sees each morning – this could be advertising at its best.

The choice of materials varies depending on the robe and though there are a number of varieties, these all have their own qualities and it is essentially down to choice. Like most things in our modern world the choice has to be made between natural and manmade materials, as well as a mixed material. However, cotton is often seen as the most popular – simply as it is highly absorbent and comfortable on skin.

Waffle Weave Cotton:
Waffle weave cotton is one of the most popular of all bathrobe materials thanks to its absorbent nature and also the attractive design created by the diamond pattern or checkered design on the robe. These robes are most reasonably priced and still manage to create that sense of luxury. The waffle construction also means they are ideal for warmer countries, as it is excellent for allowing your skin to breathe.

Cotton Towelling:
Cotton towelling robes are also perfect for all the reasons above. They too are elegant in design and feel, though can be a little heavier as they are essentially a towel, rather than a cloth of some sort. These sorts of bathrobes not only look great, but can really create the sumptuous feel of a luxury garment.

Of course, as with bath and hand towels, the higher the GSM the more luxurious the towelling and 400 gsm is a pretty average standard for these items. However, there are also higher and lower categories that may suit your requirements depending on your needs and budget.

For real luxury, the addition of a pair of soft slippers is perfect and creates a somewhat similar sensation to being wrapped up in cotton wool. Of course, such a feeling cannot be faulted and is something hotel guests or spa visitors will relish.

Bathrobes can really create that great first impression thanks to their comfortable and practical nature.