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A Guide on Outdoor Gear

woman hiking on mountainFor the person who is perennially outdoors, clothing is a concern and not just any kind of clothing, the type of attire specifically in tune with the outside world. Dressing up is not merely for flamboyance. It is also to protect oneself. Outdoor gear is targeted towards people who are actively involved in these excursions.

This might be new information for some, and it would be even more shocking to discover that there are not enough shops catering to outdoor gear for everyone. The ideal shop would have all the gear needs covered.


Outdoor gear does not have to be limited to clothing like jackets or pants. It is more than that. This type of gear encompasses everything from the pans to the tent chosen. It involves accessories that help in sustaining the quality of outdoor functioning.

Knowing the type of gear best suited for each outdoor activity is important. The kind of gear for skiing would not be fit for mountaineering. Pick ones that could work with one’s camping plans but are also light to carry.

It is ok not to be an outdoor enthusiast but wanting to buy gear. Any outdoor gear is right for the long haul. Compromising on quality is a weak investment.


A term that is often seen in outdoor gear forums is merino. Merino wool procured from merino sheep is a popular piece of fibre. Merino is unlike any other type of wool since its porous texture can help one withstand extreme climates. It is different from other wools, and synthetic fibre thwarts moisture depending on the environment. This gives the desired effect, be it winter or summer. Additionally, it is not flammable, making campfires easier. It is not surprising to see why it is the most searched item amongst outdoor gear.


Fleece is yet another type of fabric popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts. Fleece is, in fact, a synthetic fibre. Although there are fleece blends from cotton, wool, hemp or rayon, it is mainly made from polyester. Fleece is also made of recyclable materials.

It gets the job done on a good winter night. It is soft, breathable and inexpensive. Fleece is even making a fashionable comeback as influencers make a trend out of looking like mountaineers and athletes. It is also the best alternative for people with a wool allergy.

Even though it is useless when wet and is prone to dirt, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to fleece.


This is a piece of cake but a quickly misunderstood one. Simply put, layering is adding layers of clothes to regulate body temperature. Divided into 3, there is the base, mid and outer/shell layer.

The base layer should fit perfectly to avoid moisture clinging to the body. A form-fitting base will align perfectly with the rest of the layers. The best fabric for this purpose is usually merino wool or polyester since it can help retain sweat.

The mid-layer is for insulation. People opt for fleece, merino or even puffer jackets to keep them warm.

Outer or shell layers serve the sole purpose of keeping foreign objects out. It is also waterproof to withstand extremities that the outdoor environment can cause.

Not every gear is suited for every activity. It is only wise to brush up on one’s research before purchasing outdoor gear.

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