A Great Retirement Job – Infopreneur

“Infopreneur” is a new term that has recently developed on the Internet to describe a person who sells information. This word is derived from the word “entrepreneur” since an infopreneur is generally considered an entrepreneur who makes money selling information on the Internet.
The job classification of infopreneur has created a totally new field on the Internet which allows individuals to use the Internet to start businesses publishing information that appeals to a specific market. The infopreneur develops traffic to his/her site by publishing popular, sought after content. The infopreneur then makes money from Adsense ads on the site, affiliate links, referrals and leads, and/or selling ebooks.

Being an infopreneur can be a great retirement job. A retiree has been well taught by the experiences of life and has a wealth of information to share. Why not put that hard earned information and experience to work for you? You know that you worked hard enough to get it.

Being an infopreneur is being in the publishing business. You put down in electronic print form what you know from experience or what you learn and pass on to the Internet world through publishing on websites, blogs, ebooks, emails, etc.

If this type of Internet work appeals to you and you feel that you have the ability to sit down in front the white screen of a monitor and fill it with words that will interest a niche market on the Internet, this could be your calling. It is easy to start. It requires very little investment and the rewards can be substantial. If you are retired and work as an infopreneur, you can work from home and set your own schedule.

As I sit here writing this information to share with you, I am an infopreneur. I am publishing what I am passionate about. That is sharing valuable information with people who want to make a retirement living on the Internet. I want to make some money for my efforts, but it is not my driving motivation since the money is supplemental income and not primary income.
I have read that being an infopreneur is somewhat like a hobby that pays. You write about something that you like and get paid for it. Not a bad job!
How do you decide what your subject area should be? If you are an infopreneur for fun and you are not concerned with income, you can write on any topic you like. In this case, you are writing for self fulfillment and the subject is immaterial. Many blog writers fall in this category. They lay down words in their blog that satisfy an urge to write, but they have very few readers.

If you are a profit motivated infopreneur, you should do market research on how much interest there is on your area of interest. The top level of this research can be done free using the key word tool at searchmarketing.yahoo.com/rc/srch.

On the right side of this page under “Tools”, click Keyword Selector Tool. This will bring up a new window for the search. Enter the keywords for your area of expertise and see how many searches took place on the Yahoo Search Network in the previous month. A rule of thumb that I have seen is you need over 10,000 Yahoo searches per month to create a profitable site. This can be lower if you feel it is a growing market and will grow in the next few years or if you are not focused on monetary return from your publishing.
Keep in mind that this is a computer tool and does not take the place of “gut” human instinct. It should be used to help you, but you should not let it make your final decision.

Keep doing your research and find additional related keywords. When you add all of them up, you should have a plan for a website or blog that covers all of these. The sum of all the keyword searches for these will measure level of interest for your topic.

There are more advanced keyword tools that are much stronger than Overture, but they cost money ($$). The granddaddy of them all is WordTracker at www.wordtracker.com. This site captures searches from all over the Internet and is considered the ultimate source of search information. It does have a free trial feature that is cumbersome, but you can perform a free search for one keyword at a time. Try it and see what you think.

WordTracker is a subscription service at the rate of $267 per year, $53 per month, $27 per week, and $8 per day. I recommend that when you are getting really serious about this research, prepare your materials and buy the time you need on WordTracker and blitz it with your keyword searches.
Once you decide that you have a topic that is yours to publish, launch out to be an infopreneur.

My recommendation on how to launch this effort is to start a blog (free) or to use Site Build It ($299 per year) to create your website. I personally use SBI for one of my websites, and I can tell you from first hand experience that it is the best, easiest, and most effective way to become an infopreneur.
Site Build It (SBI) has developed a systematic process for leading you through the necessary steps to build a successful website. It includes keyword research (Brainstorm It) to help you focus in on your best keywords. As a part of the fee that you pay for SBI, 25 searches in WordTracker are included and this is sufficient. In the SBI process, you only use WordTracker after you have narrowed down your choices using the free Overture tool.

Whether or not you use Site Build It, do not skimp on using WordTracker for your final research before you make a decision on your future topic. It is false economics to not pay for WordTracker.
Once your website is built, Site Build It takes care of all the mundane details of managing and promoting a website so you can concentrate on what you want to do and that is to publish information and be an outstanding infopreneur.

You can also publish a blog and be an infopreneur and you might want to do this to start. This will allow you to get experience and see if the title of infopreneur fits you before you invest too much money or time in the project. Blogs are free and I recommend that you go to www.blogger.com and set one up just for the experience.

I encourage you to take action and launch your future Internet retirement job as an infopreneur. Good luck and good writing!