A Diary Can Be A Powerful Ally In Your Weight Loss Efforts

I would like to show you how you can easily reach your weight loss goals with the use of a simple diary. Using this approach to attain and maintain a healthy weight is proven to work. A diary, when used properly can help you become more aware of your eating habits and help you to identify the reasons for your over-eating. By listing your daily intake and exercise habits you can restructure them and create a realistic plan for your weight loss. You can also list short-term goals and track your progress and these are only some of the benefits!

This type of diary builds the foundations on which you can plan any necessary changes. These changes then act as a guide for setting weight-loss, eating and exercise goals. A food diary is a great way of tracking your progress. It gives you the opportunity to look back over the course of days, weeks and months to see how you have altered your approach and reached your goals. This is extremely motivating and reassuring. As you see how well you have done you are spurred on to even greater action. In a similar manner you can become more conscious of those times when you broke your new routine, ate that extra piece of cake, failed to exercise et. However, armed with this knowledge you can formulate a plan to deal with the problems that you have identified.

A food diary gives you the opportunity to make a conscious choice about your eating habits instead of going on automatic around food. Writing down what you can eat and can’t eat and reviewing your goals for the day sets out a clear plan and allows you to think twice before you act. A daily and weekly diary, with goals and strategies, is an approach used in business and by almost all high-achievers. They use it because it works.

To begin with you will just right down everything you eat and drink during the day. You will add your leisure activities like walking, jogging or just watching television. After you have performed the task, or even during it, jot down the way you were feeling and why you chose to do that activity (even if it’s eating). This will allow you to analyse your motivations.

After a week of keeping daily entries in your diary you should review it. You will find definite patterns emerging. Look closely at those patterns and use them to structure an eating and exercise plan for the upcoming week. Write an entry each day of what you will eat and what activity you will perform to help shed those excess pounds. For example, if you find that you are eating at certain times during the day because you are bored then this is an excellent time to pen into your diary an exercise activity or anything else that will relieve the boredom! Diligence and persistence is required to keep and follow your food diary but once you do the rewards are tremendous. Many people do not realize just how much they snack or eat due to reasons that have nothing to do with hunger. Your diary will help you see and deal with such times. It will also help you to formulate realistic goals because you have to put the activities and food you will eat down on paper. In the begining you may find that your aspirations outway your capabilities. Many times when we first start using a food diary we cram it with activities that are unrealistic. On the other hand some people don’t fill it up enough and find that they have too much time on their hands and we all know this leads to over-eating! However, with practise and time you will reach a comprimise with yourself.

Remember to jot down exactly how you feel and take note of the emotions. Our emotions truly do rule our behaviour. The more honest you are with yourself the more you will get out of this process. If you find that you are eating from stress or emotional issues then put it into your diary, as one of your activities, that you need to find techniques and approaches to deal with these emotions. For example you could check out hypnosis and other mind programming techniques as they have a very high success rate at dealing with such emotional issues.

Keeping a diary can take some getting used to in the beginning, and to many it may sound like a waste of time, but it is a proven method for helping reach and maintain a healthy weight and has been shown to help people reach goals of all kinds.