A Day in the Life of Germ -Harmful Bacteria.

Food eaten at dinner and before bedtime can also be responsible. Despite, cookies, cake and such starchy food along with milk and ice cream tend to breed harmful bacteria

Normally,your mouth bacteria eat the fungus and therefore prevent its proliferation on one’s tongue. Black furry tongue is one of these problems usually caused by use of strong peroxide or other mouth wash solutions over long periods of time. Those of you who have had antibiotics may remember similar problems on your tongue as these drugs also kill most mouth bacteria.

A day in the life of a germ is interesting. The little buggers are so super-small a million would fit in the space the size of the period at the end of this sentence. We really should devise some kind of birth control pill for germs. They are sexually amazing, producing one million in as little as an hour. Some are so unique they can live without oxygen, and they do love food!

Keep in mind that germs eat 24 hours a day and that the mouth is an always open cafeteria for these tiny terrorists. Brushing,flossing and mouth rinsing are of course helpful in reducing harmful bacteria. A third of a teaspoonful of salt in a glassful of water makes an excellent oral rinse agent. It is mildly disinfecting but not so much as to kill off the bacteria. Your dentist will tell you if you need something stronger.

Dry Mouth.

My mouth is so dry all the time. Is there some vitamin or pill I can take to make it better? Are you taking any drugs or medications? Many prescriptions and over the counter drugs cause dry mouth. If you can stop them for few days without endangering your other problems the saliva flow will usually return to normal. If so, an assessment can be made as to the value of the drug.

A diet high in cereal and grain foods and low in fruits, vegetables and liquids can be a cause of your dry mouth. Vitamin A, when low, is a factor in some people as is B-complex and B12. Low thyroid gland activity is often responsible for dry mouth. If your oral temperature continually runs under 98.6 or underarm temperature less than 97.8 it could indicate need for treatment with thyroid gland preparations.

Vitamins Helps Heal Wounds and Stop Wiggly Teeth.

Scientific substantiation that nutritional deficiency exist has been proven by some relatively simple studies conducted at the Dental School at the University of Alabama. A special instrument was used to make a small punch hole in the gum above the teeth. The healing of this small wound was examined and observed daily and colored slide pictures were made of the progress.

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