A Critical Review of MLM Guru Mark Yarnell

Who is Mark Yarnell?

Mark Yarnell is one of the most well known authors and speakers in the Network Marketing profession. He started his career out in a company called NuSkin International, and more recently became involved with a company called OxyFresh. Mark has produced over the years audio courses, books, seminars, and more recently he has designed a course called ‘Holy Grail Network Marketing’, where he is interviewing the people in the MLM profession that have earned in excess of $3 million dollars per year or more in distributor incomes, asking them how they did it and recording their answers on audio CDs.

Mark’s approach to building a business is refreshing to listen to, but challenging to accept. He simply does not pull any punches. I recently watched an interview with Mark where he was being asked what he would recommend a new distributor do to get started in their business and he gave a simple, straightforward answer, he said:
“This industry is the hardest work I’ve ever done, which is exactly why the top producers in Network Marketing make so much more than a traditional job. If someone wants to succeed in this industry, they need to talk to a minimum of 30 people per day and either try to sell them products or recruit them into their opportunity.”

I don’t know about you, but being on the phone long enough to talk to 30 people per day is not the most joyful concept to entertain. However, that’s what I like about Mark – he doesn’t pull any punches. He shows MLM to be what it is – a professional industry that requires A LOT of hard work – but is worth it in the end.

I do want to say, however, that I find some of Mark’s techniques to be outdated with the technologies that we have available today. His teachings still work, though, and should be studied by any serious entrepreneur who wants to build a lifestyle in the Network Marketing profession.

One thing that Mark Yarnell doesn’t seem to spend very much time on is covering Internet based recruiting strategies that work well in today’s age. While that is certainly understandable – as the vast majority of his career the internet was too cumbersome to use to build any kind of long term income – today technologies have made the world of the online Network Marketer accessible to everyone who has the desire to make things happen.

I think, in conclusion, that the best approach to the MLM profession is to take a combination approach using systems similar to what Mark recommends, in combination with online recruiting systems.

Why do I think that is the best approach? It’s simple – you can leverage technology to be in contact continuously with unlimited groups of people, which allows you to increase your sphere of influence exponentially over time – in a way that you simply cannot do working one on one over the phone. Phone contact is still required, but a lot of the daily hassles and pain of prospecting is gone when the only people you’re calling are people who sincerely want to hear from you. If you take that into account and build your business aggressively like Mark teaches – you’ll have the best of both worlds and you’ll be recruiting like a wild, raging maniac.

If you want to learn more about combination strategies that can be used with Mark’s training, you can read more on our website by following the link below.