A Cool Breeze For The Small Room: Low Profile Ceiling Fans

You have a smaller home – smaller kitchen, smaller bedrooms, smaller bedrooms. Now you would like to install some ceiling fans, but you are concerned: do you have the room? Will people bump their heads on the fan blades? And if you have suspended ceilings, you may have a greatly reduced room height, further compounding your problems. What should you do?

Your answer: low profile ceiling fans. Typical ceiling fan installations make use of something called a ‘downrod’ – it connects the ceiling fan motor and blades to the ceiling itself. You can buy these downrods in many different lengths, but you may find that the shortest of them will not allow for an unrestricted movement of the fan blades in the smaller room.

Low profile ceiling fans solve that problem: they install directly to the ceiling without a downrod. This means that they will not hang down as low. They mount much closer – in some cases they mount flush with the ceiling itself.

And don’t think that you will have to sacrifice quality – you won’t – or that you will have fewer available accessories (such as lights) – again, you won’t. Low profile ceiling fans are like their larger-sized twins, they just don’t require as much overhead space.

After looking at all the available models, you are sure to find one that you like – but what if you don’t? Well, a good alternative is to buy a regular ceiling fan and install it using a flush-mount kit. You can purchase these separately, and some regular ceiling fans also include them as an installation option.

When should you use these types of fans? For sure, if your room is less than 8 feet high, and also if you have to put a fan anywhere that kids might be – you don’t want them jumping around on their beds and couches, injuring their head or arm on the overhanging fan blades!

You should keep in mind that because low profile ceiling fans are closer to the ceiling wall, they cannot move as much air as the larger units. Most people do not notice this, but you should keep it in mind nonetheless.

A couple notes of caution: low profile ceiling fans MUST be properly installed. You must make sure that the mounting hardware is securely attached to the ceiling – it must be able to handle the vibration of the fan, as well as it’s weight. It must also be wired properly (this will require the use of a special junction box). Honestly, if you are not the do-it-yourself type, you should contact your home remodeling professional and arrange for a knowledgeable workman to install it.