A Conscious Breath, what’s in it for you?

Breathing, it’s not something that we give much thought to, the body simply takes care of it automatically for us. Actually, the body takes care of much, much more than most of us realise, it’s truly an incredible form.

In fact the body is a supreme survival machine and has evolved over millennia to be that way.

So now that we’re at a stage where we can survive in “autopilot mode”, what’s next?

Well… it’s time to go off autopilot mode and reclaim the power that was transferred. You may think, “well we’ve done so much work getting to this point, why mess with it?” The reason is that while we’ve been busy surviving, we’ve lost touch with our true nature and the mind has assumed control in our absence.

If you look at your life for a moment, what do you see? You probably have plans or goals or desires, you have things to do, places to see and you’re probably so caught up with wanting to do, have or achieve all these things, that the present moment is just a means to get to the next moment (that your mind has you believe is better than this one).

But here’s the thing, whatever underlying feeling you feel in this moment is what you’ll feel in the next moment. The future never really arrives because everything only ever happens when it is now. Tomorrow is a concept in the head that allows the mind to imagine whatever it wants to. In that way it can deceive you into believing that tomorrows grass is greener than the grass here and now.

This may sound crazy, after all who are you? Are you the voice in your head or are you the one that is aware of the voice? This thought may mess with your mind but if you’re open to the possibility of being the one that is aware, then you can begin to put a gap between YOU and everything you’re aware of.

And what’s the benefit of that? You begin to find that you are fine in this very moment and so guess what, the next moment will also be fine and so you begin to let go of hoping that the things you do, have or achieve will add anything to you because you are fine right now! Ultimately, that’s all that really matters.

So, what’s this all got to do with the breath? By being aware of the air as it enters your lungs and then exits, you bring your awareness to something other than your mind, which has you be present and also takes you off autopilot. You then get the opportunity to experience this moment without thoughts of the past or the future running wild and a new dimension then has the chance of opening up for you.

So breathe a conscious breath and reclaim your SELF.

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