A Computer Virus Is A Thought Manifested

All things are created in the mind first. It is the first of the three steps of creation of thought, word, and deed. A healthy life comes from a healthy mind, a disease, illness or accident comes from an unhealthy mind. If you want to know the state of your mind, just look at the things you have created or are creating in your life.

Computer viruses are created from unhealthy minds. Although I am tempted to condemn those responsible for my last five days of playing computer doctor; I will not go there. I have been on the computer for over twenty years and this is not the first time I have had my computer infected by a virus. Actually, after the first few times I have grown a little wiser and have a backup computer. Each time I have been infected I have learned much more about my computer and so for that I am grateful. The extra bonus is that I have been able to write an article about it and that will be published on over 400 sites on the web bringing traffic back to my site. From the ashes has come something positive.

I see nothing inherently good or bad about writing a virus program; people do it because they can. However, it is very much like having a gun in your possession; at some time you are going to use it. You can infect your own computer all you want, but eventually you need to see the effects of infecting someone else’s. A virus is a life force of its own, and like a organic virus it needs to spread. However, it is not the virus that determines when it will, but the mind that created it. The virus is the instrument of destruction for the mind that creates it.

It clearly demonstrates my thoughts about good and bad or right and wrong as outlined in my last book “Led Down the Garden Path – religious moral judgment doesn’t work!

The only thing that is accomplished by distributing a virus into the internet is to manifest one’s own thoughts about themselves and their relationship to their environment and other people. Some do it for vengeance, some from jealousy, and others for profit. Some think it’s OK to snoop into someone’s computer for profit or to stop someone else from making one, because they can. And one feels justified for doing it. But it is an unhealthy mind that is clearly immersed in the concepts of right and wrong – they feel wronged or powerless.

If a person wants to demonstrate his/her generosity, they look for ways to create the experience positively. What is a person feeling or thinking when they create something that destroys or violates another persons’ property, space, or body? On the surface it may seem like harmless fun or good business practice; but is it? Can one be held accountable by spirit for using a bomb that they created in innocence or ignorance, and using it?

It is not my intention to admonish these people, but to use them as an example of how the mind will always demonstrate what it is thinking. At some level of consciousness all things are manifested into the human experience.

All of us have moments of insanity at one time or other in our lives; we demonstrate behavior that crosses unacceptable boundaries. But there are always those who are willing to make others suffer for their freedom to express themselves. A virus creator is no healthier than a child beater, rapist, liar or anyone else who violates space.

No matter what the reason for creating the virus may have been on a physical level, the only benefit coming from it spiritually for the creator would be an awareness of one’s own imbalance. If one has any awareness at all about their own enlightenment, this would be a great time to re-evaluate their thoughts; it’s simply an opportunity. You don’t do these things unless there is something that is not working in your life. It’s an act of desperation because a new more positive thought cannot be accessed.

All illness or accidents are wake-up calls; they are physical alarms. People do not get sick by chance or have accidents randomly. They are spiritual events, and spirit’s way of letting you know that you need to change something in your life. It is the subconscious trying to communicate with the ego and these are desperation calls from your higher consciousness that you are not on your chosen path.

It takes some knowledge and technical skill to manifest a virus. However, it will take a greater effort for the ego to recover from the reason for doing it. The longer a person takes to acknowledge their own illness, the longer it takes to recover. If a person hasn’t done it by the time they are thirty; the chances are very slim if not impossible that it will happen in the next thirty years. It will more than likely get much worse until the body tries to get the attention with a severe illness or accident. The computer virus that is created is a foreboding of something that is going to happen later on in the creator’s life.

Computers are an essential way of life. They are part of the modern culture that takes a person’s consciousness from one place to another. Creating viruses is like planting land mines along the freeway and other major byways. It is not acceptable. And it is insanity to think that the creator would not be affected personally by doing it.

Creating a virus is no less of a cry for help than a person standing on the edge of a tall bridge threatening to jump off. They have stopped all traffic and nothing is moving until they get the attention they want. It is a suicide attempt – not a suicide.

Viruses will always be a part of the new culture until technology stamps them out or those who create them see their truth in it. We cannot do anything to another without doing something equal to ourselves and it will always be experienced. Because we are the creator and the created and there is no one else; it is the left hand cutting off the right to satisfy the mind. Only insanity would allow it.

People who create computer viruses have some major personal issues and the virus is the physical sign of their illness. If you have created one, use it as an opportunity to find out what is not working for you and delete it. What is going on in your life that you want to change?

Why would a healthy mind choose to seek and destroy? Are you feeling hurt or powerless? What is your greatest fear? Will this action help to make you feel better, and for how long? In your enlightened mind is there another way you can get the attention you think you deserve? How will declaring war on the world solve your personal issues? At best, the victor in war only achieves and uneasy peace. More times than not it is self destructive.

People, countries and individuals have for thousands of years turned to war when they feel powerless to use their intellect to resolve a problem. Religion has supported that belief for thousands of years. It is no wonder we are living in a world constantly at war. The idea of war as a tool to get what you want clearly does not work and we keep demonstrating that. It is truly insanity to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

It is always one mind that declares oneself or one’s nation to be at war, and it rallies supporters who are willing to fight. Someone has to give the order. The order does not come from a peaceful mind. Peace comes from a peaceful mind, and a peaceful mind can never declare war.

A computer virus does not come from a peaceful mind. Crimes against humanity are created at a personal level. We can only achieve total peace when all the minds are at peace and you cannot stand for peace while you are fighting a war.

If all we need is love, and love is available to all, then clearly we have not chosen to use it. It is not the love of others that stops wars, but the love of self that holds the power, and you cannot give what you do not have. Computer viruses like war, are symbols of failure; not success! They are far beneath the incredible capabilities of any man or woman.