A City of Museums

Are you the type that is searching for a more sophisticated and educational vacation? Do you have the mentality that Austin Texas is known only for good ol southern hospitality and fun? Well you would be correct on both accounts. Austin Texas is definitely a fun place to visit, but it also has a number of remarkable museums to visit while you are there. If you look in the right places, you will find exhibits and activities on a variety of topics from Art, natural sciences and Texan history.

One of your first stops on your tour of sophistication should be The Austin Museum of Art. Whether you are in downtown Austin or visiting Laguna Gloria, you will be able to enjoy this museum. If you are looking for something that is more family oriented, then visiting the downtown location will allow you to enjoy a broad range of exhibits geared towards families and children. If you are looking for something that is more of a individual learning experiences then a visit to the original location, at Laguna Gloria, is a must. Inside the beautiful 1916 Italian style villa focuses more on the more educational side of art. You might even get lucky and be able to catch one of their many free workshops while you are visiting. The beautiful grounds overlooking Lake Austin might just give you the inspiration to let your inner artist out. Each setting has a completely different feel and you are bound to have a great experience whether you visit one or both.

The Bob Bullock Story of Texas Museum is another place that you will not want to miss. If you are a history buff, this is a must stop on your trip. This museum provides a uniquely wonderful look at the history of Texas. With three full floors of hands on exhibits and shows you are bound to learn something about the history of Texas. The Bob Bullock Story of Texas Museum is definitely the best place to learn about the history of Texas.

If you are a child at heart or have young children then a visit to the Austin Children’s Museum should be a top priority. With many interactive and multimedia exhibits this museum is designed with children in mind. It is a great place for children and kids at heart to explore, discover, create and learn through play. Plan on spending an entire day visiting and playing at the Austin Children’s Museum. Express your inner child through activities from arts and crafts to music and architecture.

If you don’t want to spend your entire day inside, head on over the Austin Nature and Science Center. This living museum is located in Zilker Park in the center of the city of Austin. Here, you will see an abundance of wildlife, ecosystems and the natural environment of central Texas. It is a hands on type of museum where you can enjoy the exploration of the natural world around you. Nowhere else will you have the opportunity to see more than 90 different? Take the time to explore the interactive discovery lab area and learn about the different types of natural areas found across Texas. Take a hike down the Eco-Detective Trail and search for wildlife, stop at the Dino Pit and dig up actually Texas Dinosaur fossil replicas or explore beautiful terrain. No matter what you do at this living museum, the explorer inside you will come out to play. On your next trip to Austin, make sure that you put The Austin Nature and Science Center on your list of must dos.

The places mentioned in this article are just a few of the wonderful sites that you can visit for a more sophisticated and educational twist on your vacation. There are many other museums in Austin that you can check out as well. Stop by the LBJ Library and Museum where you can learn about the history and life of former President Lyndon B. Johnson. Take time to listen to the music at the Texas Music Museum where you will learn about the traditions of Texas music. For the art lover, you have the choice of either the Elisabet Ney Museum where you can see some beautiful art pieces by the 19th century sculptor or visit the Mexic-Arte Museum where you can view the traditional and contemporary Mexican and Latino art style. With over 30 different types of museums in the great city of Austin, it does not matter what you like, you are bound to find something to enjoy.