A Chorus Line On Broadway –The Great Revival

In 1975, the original musical “A Chorus Line” made history with its original and inspiring story of 17 dancers who were auditioning for a Broadway musical production. It is a story of how these dancers toiled and tried hard to get the coveted parts which eventually only eight dancers would get. The original production ran for 15 years and in its tenure it won several awards such as the Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Award for the Best Musical as well.

A Chorus Line was revived on the Broadway stage in 2006 and is still as successful as it used to be in its earlier run. It is the same story of the ambitious dancers hoping to make their mark on the Broadway stage. The way they all give their heart and soul into the audition process makes for great drama in the play. The main storyline of the play takes off when the director Zach asks each dancer to tell him about themselves. He wants to know more than just their name, age and hometown. He wants to know about their families, friends, lovers and ambitions.

Each dancer then comes forward and tells their life story. Some are shy while others are more than willing to tell all. Each one has a different story to tell, some are funny and some are sad. We get to know about their lives and we laugh or cry along with them. We also get to know why it is so important for them to get the part. At the end of their stories, Zach decides on the final eight who will be in the chorus line. The play ends with a musical number performed by the final chorus line.

The original show was directed by Michael Bennet and the star cast included Scott Allen, Kelly Bishop, Baayork Lee and Wayne Cilento. It won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1976 as well as several Tony Awards. Other awards included the New York Drama Critic’s Circle Award for Best Play of the season and the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Musical in 1976. A Chorus Line held the record for the longest running show in Broadway. This record was surpassed only by Cats in 1997 and Phantom of the Opera in 2006.

The current director is Bob Avian who had been Michael Bennet’s assistant during its previous run. He recreates the magic of the original and the musical is still running to a packed house at every show. Original cast member Baayork Lee is back as the choreographer.

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