A Cell Phone Was Used As A Self Defense Tool.

Although this might sound outlandish for an article on self defense, I’d like to share a story with you where a cell phone was used as a form of self defense. It is a true story and also great thinking on the teen’s part.

You see, in 2004 a group of 15 year olds went to the movie theatre. All young men and all knew basic forms of self defense. If the need was ever brought to pass. Well, after the movie, you are not allowed to stand inside the theatre in a lot of places anymore, because it is considered loitering. This I find very disturbing in some cases. Anyway, the four young men who all knew self defense went outside to wait for their rides. It of course was way after dark and there weren’t a lot of people around once the next movie had started. One by one the young men were picked up, however all noticed a car across the street with a man in it, just sitting there as if watching them. But they did not acknowledge him staring at them. This is another good form of self defense being aware of who and what is around you. Eventually all of the teens were picked up but one. Although the teen was a bit frightened he didn’t show it. Still yet another form of self defense. Focusing and being in control.

The teen looked up the street and then turned the other direction and looked up the street, there weren’t many cars to speak of. But he did notice newspaper stands and a pay phone not 20 feet away from him on both sides. After a few minutes the man got out of his car and walked across the street and stood by the stand holding the newspapers.(You know this guy was up to no good)

Without any hesitation the teen went into his pocket and got his cell phone. (you are right the cell phone didn’t ring)And speaking loud enough to where the man could hear said these words. “Hey dad, oh yea sorry had it on vibrate because of the movie, oh yea the movie was cool, (he paused for a second) yea the other guys are gone,just me waiting. You’re only a block away? That’s good I’m bored to death been standing here long enough. And he continued holding the phone to his ear. And speaking pausing at times. The man, turned and quickly went back to his car, after a few seconds longer the man started the car and left. The teen kept the phone to his ear until his dad actually got there ten minutes later. When the teen explained what had happened.

The 15 year old used his cell phone as a form of self defense. The man had no idea he was talking to no one, however it spooked him and this in turn changed a threatening situation of the teen being abducted or kidnapped. It was very smart thinking for the teen. His dad did ask him who he was on the phone with and although the teen was a little rattled by the whole thing he explained it to his dad on the way home. By using his cell phone as a form of self defense, the teen got out of a dangerous situation. And this story just proves there are many types of self defense people can use.

This is in fact a true story, because the 15 year old teen is also my brother’s son. Self defense is important for everyone.