A Bit About McDermott Cues

Bet you didn’t understand how difficult it was to choose a pool cue. However if you’re shopping for one, why not consider a set of McDermott cues? Perhaps you believe one pool cue is the same as the one directly next to it, but that can’t be the case. Moreover if you want to have a better game than your buddies, whether at the pool hall or at national contests, then McDermott cues won’t be unsuccessful. In fact, the professionals typically employ McDermott pool cues!


Frankly, a McDermott pool stick is not just an average pool cue. Not only that, but the most professional and eminent pool players purchase McDermott cues. The truth is you have virtually limitless possibilities to what style of McDermott cue you can end up with. That’s because you can completely customize it!

How? Tell McDermott what weight, ce tip size, stain color, wrap style, etc, you want and you’ll own . McDermott pool sticks are commonly designed by the company’s private consumers and so if you’re wanting for a cue that’s ideally appropriate for you – why look anywhere else?

McDermott cues aren’t always for the type of pool player who doesn’t understand what they’re looking for. No, they’re geared toward pros who play to win – and play in competitions for that matter. However even if you just want to amaze your pals in your pool room, why not grab some McDermott cues and act sort of like the professionals? There are thousands of McDermott cues out there, so no matter what you’re style, you’re sure to locate a model you like and if you don’t, well, you can just craft one on your own.

But why are McDermott cues so important in the pool world? They have a unique feel about them; that’s because of the way they are professionally joined together with stainless steel joints. They will be as direct as a post for a natural life (because of the three-piece butt construction). There are lots of series of McDermott cues to choose from: the Elite, Professional, Tournament, Competitor, HRUSA, and Licensed (listed in order of price).

And one of the best things is with your McDermott cue you’ll get a lifetime guarantee. So if you’re searching for a pool stick that will endure during the years and make certain that you’re on the top of your game, then purchase a McDermott cue. Don’t forget to see the additional accessories as well.