9 Strategies to Create Personal Power for Unlimited Success

Creating genuine personal power can lead you to a level of success and adventure you may never have thought possible.

When faced with a challenging event, you want to be able to quickly tap into your inner strength. Rather than being put off course, you want to break through the iceberg – not let it sink you. Even after meeting a challenge, you still need to find a strategy that works for rebuilding or redirecting your personal power. Here are 9 strategies for creating personal power for unlimited success:

Exercise Your Power Muscles – Building the power within is no different from building larger, stronger biceps. It takes concentration, focus, dedication and discipline. If you stop going to the gym, your muscles atrophy. If you stop building your power muscles, you lose your sense of internal toughness. Each day do something that challenges you whether it’s calling a new prospect, developing your marketing plan or writing a comprehensive report. Just like in anything, what seems hard at first becomes easy when you just do it.

Take Care of Yourself – Don’t neglect any aspect of your being. Consciously choose to engage in activities that support your health and growth in all these areas: social, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. We always find time for the things we really want to do. Now find time to do what you need to do. Think of the things you don’t really want to do and keep putting off – like exercise. Just do it and then reward yourself with a massage, a glass of wine or a good book – or better yet, all three.

Acknowledge Your Successes – Remember the challenges you’ve already handled successfully. Acknowledging that you’ve faced and surmounted crises, disappointments and uninvited adventures will give you the confidence to meet the next new challenge. Take the time daily to acknowledge the power that you already have within.

Set Yourself Up for Success – Do small things that allow you to succeed. Each step you take, no matter how small, prepares you for the next bigger step. For example, make your sales pitch to a small business before you call on the bigger prospects.

Connect with Supportive Role Models – Seek out successful people who will support you in your journey. Model your behavior after their successful behavior. Detach from anyone who does not support you. If you can’t detach physically, at least detach emotionally – don’t give negative, unsupportive people the ability to undermine you.

Take Full Responsibility for Yourself – Acknowledge that you and you alone are the source of your success. Likewise, no one else is to blame when something goes wrong. Be accountable, learn from your mistakes and move on. This is one of the most profound and compelling rebuilding strategies you can do to bolster your inner strength. Look in the mirror and see a person who is strong – one responsible for her own destiny.

Live with Integrity and Honor – Being true to yourself and your highest values is vital to achieving a sense of personal power. Ask yourself these questions: Do I keep my word? Do I follow through on commitments I make? Are my actions based on honesty or deception and manipulation? Your goal is to stand before a mirror, look yourself in the eye and be proud of who you see.

Control Your Thoughts – Your thoughts do control your life. They affect your internal fortitude. As your most intimate companions on your journey, your thoughts can help you move ahead or they can hold you back. Pay attention to what you are thinking. Maybe it’s time to change your mind-set – today is a great day to start!

Set Bold Goals – Put your goals in writing and assess your progress regularly. Above all, believe in your own innermost strength. Have faith in your journey. Remember that no matter where you are on the journey, the challenges are many, but the rewards are great.

Practice these 9 techniques regularly as you pursue your own journey to discover and build your own inner strength. Remember, it’s like the song goes, “I’ve got the power!”