8 Ways Jealousy Destroys Your Relationship

Jealousy Can Destroy Relationships

Be honest: have you ever thought deeply about the effect of jealousy on a relationship? Perhaps you are not a very jealous person and aren’t even aware of what is toxic jealousy. However, if you feel jealous, that can impact your relationship in a negative way. Below you will learn what the signs of toxic jealousy in relationships are and how they wreck your relationship.

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Insecurity can be either a cause or a consequence of toxic jealousy. If you are in a relationship and start feeling insecure, that might lead to acting poorly in some situations. Your insecurity makes you feel like you are not enough, and you won’t believe your significant other even if they tell you the opposite.


Fear plays in several ways in a relationship, leading to jealousy and destruction. You start creating fictional situations in your head and preparing for the worst, when in fact, you should be enjoying your lover’s presence. What happens when you let fear overcome is paving the way for the worst instead of preventing it.


That is one of the worst things a person can do in a relationship. Partners usually tell each other everything that needs to be told, and because of that, there is no need to go looking for reasons to start fantasizing things in your head. Spying on your partner’s social media and what they do while at work or in free time is only harmful. You need to trust them, and if you feel insecure, tell them that and talk about your feelings.

You Get Mentally Drained

When you start worrying so much about your mental fantasies, you get drained and can’t think through to see the reality. That might even lead to physical suffering soon enough.


Many people have already been in a situation of having a possessive partner. It is one of the worst things. What should be about loving, cuddling, kissing, and doing things together becomes a nightmare when you feel insecure. When you are so insecure that you become possessive of the other person, many things can develop. One possibility is that your partner becomes insecure too, and now they won’t feel safe to tell you how they feel. You become one of those toxic jealousy couples. That destroys the relationship utterly in the long term. The other possibility is that your partner won’t put up with such behavior and call it quits.

The Past Is Always In Your Head

Living in the past is always terrible for a person’s mental health. Many people have an issue dealing with the past due to traumas. If you are in a relationship and start feeling insecure, frequently thinking about what happened, you won’t be able to enjoy each little moment you spend together with the person you love. Having memories is good, but living in them is nod advised. If you have any insecurity regarding past situations, you should come clean with your partner about that. Many times, you two can find ways to overcome toxic jealousy.

Your Peace Of Mind Is Gone

Suffering from any or all of the described above takes away all your tranquility eventually. You start spending most of your time with your head in the clouds rather than focusing on material things in front of you. Peace doesn’t exist anymore in such a situation.

The Relationship Ends

Inevitably, failing to control the situation and deal with it through a face-to-face conversation will break the relationship apart. Feeling such heavy emotions and acting weird towards your loved one might make the once pleasurable situations into insufferable ones. That is valid for both parts, and one of you will eventually decide that it is better to break up. Because of that, talking about your feelings is crucial. Sometimes, looking for therapy with a psychologist can be the right call to seek help on how to stop toxic jealousy, especially if the feelings are intense and you can’t handle them even with your partner’s support.


Jealousy in relationships is an extensive topic, but this article should give you a starting overview to work on what you can solve. If you would like to know more, you can leave a comment or access some of our other articles.

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