8 Steps To A Better Life

1. Live Consciously!

You can only start to change a negative result in your life when you have a conscious awareness of what is causing that result and the adverse impact on your life.

Write out what the problem is, the cause(s) and why. Include any patterns that you can see to help you understand the depth of the problem you will resolve.

2. Assess Your Resources
Everyone needs strong resources to overcome the obstacles and challenges in their lives. Here’s an exercise to help you assess your resources:

Write out the names of people or things that you use as a resource when you need help in the following categories: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Financial, and Spiritual. Take a look for voids in sufficient resources and research new people or activities to add to that area. If you see that you are too dependent on an individual(s), consider taking the burden off them and instead spread it out over other individuals or activities.

3. Hire The Best
Research and hire the best people that you feel understand and support you in the way that you want to be supported.

Use the Checklist on www.soulfulliving.ca to help you ensure that you chose the best Life Coach to help you live your dreams or make important changes in your life.

4. Become More Attractive
One of the most powerful ways to attract the life and people you want is to truly possess a positive attitude about who you are and what you are about.

Use positive affirmations as a supportive tool to re-train your mind and beliefs to a more positive and empowering mindset. Try this one…. “I am a powerful, positive and conscious being, manifesting my deepest desires in every action and thought each every day.”

5. Create A Clear Pathway To Success
Chaos breads more chaos! To attract the life you truly desire, you must clear the path of chaotic obstacles.

If you have an environmental mess (in the basement or garage or mounds of paperwork), set aside small amounts of time, 15-30 minutes twice a week and start clearing it up gradually over time. Recruit a friend or resource to help you.

If your chaos in coming from your emotions, (behaviour such as anxiety, impatience, avoidance or procrastination), work on reducing your stress and increasing your stress management coping strategies, such as exercise (walking, running, yoga) or relaxation techniques; meditation, deep breathing exercises. Ensure that you are eating properly and getting enough sleep, especially during times of change and high stress!

6. Set Yourself Up For Success
Feeling and believing that you are a success is a powerful way to increase your self worth. Thinking of your goals and actions in simpler terms is a sure way to continually see and feel your successes and to know and believe that you are a powerful manifester!

Create small, simple goals and action plans with deadlines and clear measurements so that you will know when you have accomplished your goal. Make your action plan commitments small and easy to achieve to reinforce your belief that you are successful in your life. Remember, if you achieve that action, you can always add another to keep you moving forward!

7. Acknowledge Your Successes
This seems to be one of most difficult areas for many, but is actually very easy to turn around.

Buy a journal and label it My Success Journal. Every day, before going to bed, write 5 things that you did each day. They can be simple in the beginning to get you started; got out of bed, hugged my kids, kissed my partner, went to work or called my parents to say high.

8. Accept ‘Healthy’ as Your Standard
Strive to be a ‘healthy’ person at every level! This is one of most difficult things about living consciously, however, ultimately the most rewarding. Being a person with ‘Healthy’ as your standard of living really means that you are:

o An interdependent (not co-dependent) person with a strong pool of resources, a mind of your own
o Always at choice in your life and not a victim of circumstances or others actions
o Able to stand up for what you believe in without taking power from others in order to accomplish what you wish in life
o Respectful of others and have the ability to clearly communicate and ask for what you need
o Living from your truest nature and lend a hand to others in need when compelled to do so
o See yourself as a Thriver not Survivor!

This may require that you renegotiate your relationships or chose different work.
 Commit to making conscious choices that will keep you surrounded by healthy friends, resources, work and activities that are in alignment with your deepest desires.

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