8 Manifesting Must-Haves For Entrepreneurial Success

I love being an entrepreneur. I love the challenge of managing all the finances, administrative FUN, the marketing and the work. I really do. And recently, I have made my life even easier by learning, following and teaching these monumental must-have manifests. You see it is easy for some of us to set a goal and achieve in no time flat and then there are others that know what they want but it seems to take them a lot longer to achieve it. Why do you think that is?

Maybe these 8 must-haves can help

1. Focus ONLY on what you desire or want. That’s right, I don’t focus on what I don’t want. I have become aware my thoughts attract what I think about. I am conscious of the words I think and speak. I also create images of what I want in my journal. These images can be anything like how I see my business growing to what my next house might look like.

2. Change obstacles into challenges. I don’t spend time with ideal expectations. I allow the universe to decide what path I need to take. Anything that may look like an obstacle just makes me clearly focus on the challenge ahead and the end result.

3. Feel ONLY “as if”. I have stopped noticing that what I want has not yet appeared. I feel “as if” I am already living the life of my dreams. I know that when I focus on what I don’t have, I create negativity and resistance, which keeps it from showing up or from me recognizing it.

4. Get rid of limiting beliefs. I have had to really watch out for this one. The problem is our beliefs are in us on an unconscious level. Sometimes, we can’t even explain our beliefs, but we find we are operating on beliefs from the past. We can change them by singing a different mantra. For example, instead of telling yourself you are fat (you know quietly in your head) maybe you need to change that thought to … I look good and I love myself.

5. Have faith. I have had to take that leap of faith and believe my dreams are already mine. Letting go has never been easy for me. I have recently learned that if I feel trust that what I want will come and play “as if” I already have it; I seem to achieve me goals much easier.

6. Take inspired actions only. When I know what I desire, I get take focused actions I feel are necessary to obtain it..

7. Feel good about it. I no longer let things bring me down. I practice self love. It use to bring my self down by telling myself I didn’t have a thin body or other times that I just hadn’t done enough to feel productive. I realized when I felt bad it was more difficult to get what I desire and it doesn’t make me feel very good about myself.

8. Let go of attachment. I realized that no one likes to give business to someone that is desperate. I’ve decided the Universe feels the same way. So I let go of the “having to have” and started just allowing opportunities without desperation. I know that if I ask, it will be given when all things are aligned