8 Helpful Tips to Get Rid of Adult Acne and Win The War on Pimples

Pimples are embarrassing whether you’re a teenager or an adult. One would hope that after the teenage years pimples will no longer be a part of our lives, but that isn’t necessarily true since adults can be plagued with ongoing acne as well as younger people.

If you’re an adult and still fighting pimples, this article will share several tips.

1. While fighting your own personal battle with pimples, don’t forget your family doctor and his or her professional guidance. Doctors are able to prescribe antibiotics that might be very helpful to you to finally clear up your skin.

2. You should also take responsibility for what you put in your mouth because diet can have a lot to do with how clear your skin is. Try to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables every day and avoid greasy foods as much as possible.

3. Attempt to keep your stress level from going through the roof as much as you possibly can since excess stress and anxiety cause acne to get worse. For example, take time out for badly needed rest and relaxation in your busy lifestyle.

4. Daily exercise can help relieve some of that excess tension by getting your body moving rapidly. So plan a regular exercise program for yourself because your whole body needs exercise and it will show in your skin as well. Walking briskly is a wonderful exercise that you can do with no special equipment except for walking shoes.

5. There are numerous over-the-counter remedies that you can purchase for acne, but different products work differently for different people. Avoid excessively drying acne products made especially for younger skin since adult skin is less elastic.

6. As an adult you’ll want to avoid some of the products that are made just for teenagers. That’s because your skin is less elastic and some products that help a teenager’s skin to clear up are too drying for an adult’s skin.

7. Don’t forget about the numerous natural acne remedies that are available, such as apple cider vinegar and herbal remedies. You can check out your local health food store to see what it has in the line of natural solutions.

8. Don’t wear heavy coats of makeup to hide your pimples since that will only plug your pores more than ever. Be sure to remove the makeup at night so your skin gets a chance to breathe.

There are special remedies for adults who suffer with acne, but you will need to be persistent as you find out just the right treatment for you.