71 Golden Rules to Manage Stress and self Improvement

Before start with main part of articles and define 71 golden rules let me clear one thing that there is no way understood that to manage stress one must apply each and every rule in letter and spirit. These are collection of golden rules and one should apply as per his or her condition and practically possible to manage stress and more rules would be applied, better result would be but let me clear one more thing that I want to assure that if anyone apply just 10 to 15 rules, it would be make big difference in life. His or her stress, depression or anxiety or panic attacks will run away from his life. Just one has to be determined and select 10 to 15 rules as one feel comfortable with. Managing stress is quite easy if one can insert some disciplines in life and follow it. But first step should be stop being crying baby accept that you have stress or some bad habits or you have to improve yourself. So now let’s start with
71 Golden Rules to Manage Stress and Self Improvement
1. Try to remain neutral in every situation arise. Means in happy situation don’t be over exited and in sad situation don’t be so much sad. Accept both situation as a part of life and two side of coin
I found above philosophy is killer blow for stress or any kind of mantle illness and off course seems hard to applied at first glance but let me assure you that it can be possible by some practice.

2. Say good bye to anger you feel for anyone to manage stress effectively. Let me tell you one more thing that anger will destroy your hundred virtues. Your all virtues become invisible because of anger.

3. Accept principle of high thinking and simple living. You must try your best to achieve you goal but never blame your self or situations around you. If you fail then accept it as a part and parcel of the life.

4. Don’t be crying baby and never ever blame your self or situation or people around you for failure and accept it in good spirit and of course never stop trying

5. Money is one of most important factor in life and try your best to earn it as much as possible but never be mad for it.

6. To managing stress you must eradicate every bit of jealousy you have for your friends, colleagues or anyone because it doesn’t harm anyone but yourself. It will eat you. Like 1st rule this rule also a golden of golden rule.

7. To coping with stress you must accept that you are unique individual in world and like everyone you have some good and some bad points. Search you inner self and find out what is unique in you and let me tell you that you will find something unique in your self among thousands if not millions

8. Try to help other who is in need if possible. This will help you to manage stress

9. To copping with stress you must leave any addiction like cigarette, tobacco, alcohol, drugs. . Keep in mind that these addictions are part of the problem not solutions

10. To manage with stress you must start from your self. Never demand from world to change for you but you must change for better.

11. Best habit one should develop to live stress free life is make every thing planed and it will decrease no of surprises in life. Surprises are one of major factor for stress. less surprises are best factor to manage stress

12. Develop a habit of prioritize things in order and work everything as per priorities. Do one thing at a time it will manage your stress

13. Limit our expectations from others because over expectation from others or life are major source of stress. This habit will reduce your stress at great level

14. Develop a habit of meet new people and develop new relationships and kick out every bit of shyness or fear of meeting people. If you are victim of shyness then make habit of talk with at least one stranger in day for 30 to 40 minutes and your shyness will runaway

15. Try to be financially as secure as possible. In modern world financial insecurity is one of major or only cause of stress. Develop a habit of savings at least 20% of income and manage stress by feeling financially secure

16. If you are victim of anxiety disorder or panic attacks then always keep in mind that Fear of anxiety is always bigger then fear itself. Always hope for best and ready for worst

17. Face the problems like a lion instead of run away like a rabbits.

18. The secret of success is how you use your pain and your pleaser instead of your pain and pleaser can use you, so be control in life instead life controls you. (Anthony Robbins)

19. Control your emotions when come to take decision. Take decision by mind instead of heart. Don’t make emotions be part of your decisions

20. Don’t be impatient for result and for your action’s result and don’t change goals and actions hastily

21. Kick out habit of compare someone or wealth of someone with yourself. In modern world this is one of the major source of stress

22. Relieve your self from every bit of jealousy or grudge you feel for anyone. Try to make your line bigger instead of erase line of other. This habit will even destroy every bit stress from your life

23. Decrease level of your big ego. Ego is main source of anger and anger is major source of stress or bad decisions. Ego may become major factor to strain your relations with someone.

24. Apply one eastern proverb in your life. The proverb is “Everything is good in limit” so don’t cross limit of anything. I found this golden rule may change one’s life.

25. If you are victim of anxiety disorder then find out reason behind it, consider it and define it in two groups. One group will be you can do something about and other you can’t do anything about it. For example if you constantly worry about your financial position then instead of worrying about your financial position, start work in direction to make money and be financially secure

26. If your worry about second group like what happen if terrorist attacks your city with nuclear bomb then you should treat your worry by facing it and tell your worry that there is nothing I can do about it so let’s wait and see.

27. Don’t let go any of your worry in third cycle. For example you worry about your stomach pain. First cycle is you worry about your stomach pain, second cycle is you worry that you may have gas in stomach because you overeaten yesterday. Now cut here third cycle like you may have stone in kidney or tumor in liver and forth cycle like you may have cancer tumor in liver like that. Let it decided by your able physician

28. When you feel alone and required helping hand then never forget that one you get at starting point of your solder. (anonymous)

29. Use term “we” in conversation instead of me and you don’t feel alone and you will get a team to work with you

30. Never forget that your are not alone with problems or critical problems in the world. There are more like you or in worst condition then you and live life. Just accept good and bad conditions as a part and parcel of the life and that’s why world keep going

31. Avoid company of negative people means people who think negative, talking negative and if you are one of them then you must rectify your self because world of today is because of work of people of positive thinking. Behind every major invasions you will find one positive thought of someone

32. To manage stress search for company of positive people means people who think positive, don’t be crying baby in every situation but remain optimistic in worst situations

33. This is not a sin to do mistakes but it is sin that don’t rectify it and does it again. And worst mistake one can do is to pass life without mistakes and this is greatest sin, just think about it.

34. Develop habit of say no very kindly and firmly when you think that things may go against your will. This habit you must develop to manage stress

35. Make your personal constitution and follow it in letter and spirit and review it every week and you will know difference

36. Every Sunday review your week and think about good things you have done and mistakes you have made and rectify mistakes and be determine to never make them again

37. Plan your next week in advance and try to follow it best possible way

38. Don’t make decisions too fast (This is no way understood no to make decisions) but ones you make decision follow it and don’t let your mind confuse in any situation. It should be always known to you where you stand. So even harsh condition never put decision making on hold. Ones you know where you stand you will relieve from stress you feeling

39. Make habit of insert positive words in your vocabulary and don’t use negative words in your vocabulary

40. Thinks always high but go always step to step and avoid sort cuts

41. Take care of body and always control on your eating. Healthy mind can reside in healthy body as general principle

42. Control your weight to be out of vicious cycle of over weight and over stress

43. Use kind words in vocabulary instead of be sarcastic. You must always know that sarcastic vocabulary may give you some satisfaction for some time but not going to help to solve problem but broaden it. It may strains your relations with other

44. Always you should know where you stand and what your goal is. Life without knowing goal is west. So define your goal clearly and don’t stop until you achieve it.

45. Don’t jail your self in age, system or anything like that. Some people jail them in age factor like now I am forty so I can’t do anything to make difference. This worst kind of lie you will tell yourself unconsciously. There is nothing like as age factor as obstacle to improve yourself or manage your stress or achieve success

46. Read autobiography of great people and you will know that there is no thing like good luck but just fruition of sear determination. There is no thing like easy money or easy success. They have to sacrifice lot.

47. Make habit of take risk and challenges in life. Without risk no great success

48. Don’t fear of failure because it may be your biggest mistake of life. Accept failure without blame anyone because if you can fail one time you may success second time just you have to amend your mistakes and change your ways. We will either find a way or make one (Hannibal)

49. Don’t change your goal after failure because some people change their goal instead of change their way to achieve their goal. Changing your goal may be big mistake

50. Be soft on outer and tough from inner

51. Be optimistic and never forget that after black night there will be dawn (But don’t without try)

52. Be confident in your self and courageous and note that every virtues of yours will follow your courage (Mahatma Gandhi)

53. Don’t take in mind what people say about your self and be indifferent to it and if you find valid criticism then amend your mistake but no way should you upset yourself because of someone said something about yourself. Just don’t give a damn. This will help you to manage stress greatly

54. Make habit of break one big task in small number of task and then make timetable for every task and you will feel difference and manage stress at job

55. Make habit of doing tomorrow’s work today and today’s work now. Don’t west time anymore. Value your time and use is like a money because one gone time never return

56. Never hesitate to express your thoughts. Don’t make habit of kept stressful thoughts secret from family or loved one but share with them it will help great to manage stress

57. Make habit of mind your own business and don’t advise someone if not asked

58. If you don’t like someone’s doings or anything then tell him straight but kindly and firmly and only if it would be your business. But don’t keep it to yourself and thinking about it for days. Just express yourself when and where required and only if that would be your business.

59. Keep harmonious environment is family and accept principle of “let go” for at least your family members. Always keep in mind that it is easy to fight and win with stranger but not with loved one. Charity must be begin from home.

60. Take a one vacation with family of 7 to 10 days every year from your work and switch off your mobile if possible for that time. These will be best for manage job stress and it will rejuvenated you completely

61. Always spend some time with family and children or at least Sunday and it will help great to manage stress

62. Be loyal to your life partner

63. Start your day after praying

64. Develop new hobby and give sometime to it, like reading, learning new language or some new unknown sport or collecting something

65. Develop habit of daily meditation and follow it. This is one of few things to kick out stress successfully and let you know yourself better. If possible do meditation in yoga mudra Padmasana.

66. Do daily yoga and pranayama and it will rectify your body and mind and you will feel more comfortable with yourself. It will boost your immune system and filtered out toxins from your body.

67. Live like a bird and wakeup early in the morning and sleep early at night and stay relieved from stress

68. Walk every days at least 30 to 40 minutes or do exercise in morning

69. Make habit of breathing deep as possible this hard to develop habit but it will help to manage help

70. Get enough sleep to rest your body and mind and please note that enough sleep is must requirement to manage stress

71. Don’t forget to apply at least 10 to 15 golden rules from above in life or that may be biggest mistake of life

Let me told you one more thing that above are time tested and timeless golden rules and can helpful to one in any culture, time, country ,age or sex. But let me caution you one thing that you must not change or stop any prescribed medication you take by yourself because ones rules are applied it will take some time to show affect so what one should do is apply the rules and decrease medication gradually under observation of physician and as per his able guidance.