7 Ways To Sell Wholesale Sunglasses For Massive Profits

1. The initial step in selling designer sunglasses is an extremely important one that you do not want to pass over. You need to decide on the brand name you will wholesale very carefully. Whether it is Gucci, Chanel, Rayban or whichever other fashionable label brand. This step is significant for the reason that each nation has its own laws as regards the selling of brand name sunglasses. You need to make sure with your local customs agency to make certain that the brand you decide to sell is not trademarked with them. If you discover that it is, then the single means you can bring large quantities of the piece into the country is to obtain the permission of the corporation who has the brand name. This, as you might be aware, is not easy to do. It is best to find a brand name that is not trademarked with customs. You can then legally import the brand name items. It is extremely important you follow this step, even while importing legitimate designer wholesale sunglasses.

2. Locate a reputable, honest supplier. This is not easy. If the supplier is from China, forget totally about them. The only brand name designer wholesale sunglasses that come out of China are replicas or knock offs. You want to be selling the genuine items in order to build a reputable business. Italy is a better country of choice for importing, however even then you still have to be cautious.

3. Next, visit a local boutique that sells your brand of sunglasses. Examine the details, materials used and feel of the different models of sunglasses. Soon you will be able to tell what is genuine and what is fake.

4. Advertise your wholesale sunglasses on eBay. Because of its sheer size, eBay has a lot of visitors all looking to buy. You can tap into this marketplace for relatively little cost. You have the option to set up a single auction or a store. You can decide which model you will follow. Its best to try the single auctions first to get a feel for the market, and then set up a store.

5. Advertise your wholesale sunglasses on your own blog, or if you dont have your own blog, write comments on other blogs and remember to include your signature with a link back to your eBay listing or website. This will maximize traffic to your sales pages.

6. Suggest wholesale lots of your sunglasses. Instead of advertising just one pair, offer a discount for 10 or 100 pairs. This way others can resell the economical wholesale sunglasses for a profit. This will enable you to put together an affiliate list.

7. A final step in selling wholesale sunglasses for large profits is to use Googles Adwords. Opt for paying keywords like buy wholesale sunglasses or buy Chanel sunglasses. Bid on keywords that will give you the number one spot on the searches for your keywords, and in addition allow your adwords to run on content sites. Doing this will drive targeted traffic to your listings and sales pages.