7 Ways to Have a Great Day

Too many of us spend our days in the mistaken assumption that how we feel is outside our control. Here are seven simple steps to making sure that each day is the best that it can be. Try these for a few days and you will be amazed at how much better you feel about yourself.

Step #1 – Be grateful. Start your day in short silent contemplation of everything that is good in your life. Take the time to be grateful for simply being alive, your health, the love around you and the skills and talents that you have been gifted with.

Step #2 – Do everything the best you possibly can. Whether it is taking out the garbage or doing a complicated job, give yourself the satisfaction of knowing that you could not have done any better and that you gave it your all.

Step #3 – Work your body and your mind with regular exercise. A simple jog around the block to get the blood flowing or a full workout, depending on your fitness levels, is just what your system needs to function at its peak. But don’t get into a rut; try to stretch yourself a little further each day or ring the changes with a different exercise. Similarly, don’t forget to give your brain a workout too, by learning a new skill, reading a challenging article or occasionally doing mental math instead of always using a calculator.

Step #4 – Don’t forget your family time. Amongst all the jobs well done and the exercise routine, it is important to give time to those around you. We all need to give and show love and to smile and laugh at the absurdities of life. Be sure that you diary this into your day.

Step #5 – Cut out the c**p. Look at the bad things in your life and work to eradicate them little by little. Quit smoking, start eating healthily, drink less and cut down on the TV hours. Time and life are too precious to waste on dangerous ingestions and mind-numbing entertainment. And every time you manage to lose a bad habit, reward yourself.

Step #6 – Look back with pride. At the end of each day, spend a little time in review. Be proud of what you achieved today. Understand what went well and what was not so good but don’t be too harsh on yourself for what you didn’t do, you will do better tomorrow.

Step #7 – Finally, plan an even better day tomorrow. Before you go to sleep, map out the next great day. What must you do? What do you want to do? When will you be with the family? What is your new goal?

Now you can rest, confident that you have done your very best and that tomorrow is going to be even better.