7 Ways to Control Your Direct Selling Appointment Schedule

When is the last time you worked on a day or evening that you had set aside to do something with your family and went to an appointment or party instead? How did you feel when you were there? Did you feel a little angry for letting the people who are most important in your life down? It’s not a great feeling is it?

One of the most important things I took into consideration when I was beginning my job in Direct Sales was that I needed something that I could work around my family and other obligations. It would be a lot different from what I was accustomed to which was working my family and other obligations around my job! This is what draws a lot of people into the Direct Selling business! Yet, there are so many consultants that are so afraid to set limits with others for fear of losing business if they don’t work when the customer or hostess wants that it absolutely amazes me!

I consistently held three to four parties a week for approximately 48 weeks of the year (4 weeks vacation wasn’t bad) for over 22 years! Yet I never worked a day or evening that I didn’t want to. Every party I booked was on a date that I had pre-selected and one that fit into my schedule. You too can set yourself free when you take back control. Here are some of the ways I kept in control. 

1. Identify how many times per week you want to go out for your business. Remember, even if this is your part-time business you still need to leave the house once in awhile and go to work! If you are holding parties the average party takes approximately three hours plus some time at home for preparation and closing the party. A part-time consultant should be holding a minimum of two parties per week and a full time consultant should be holding three to four parties per week. (Would you believe full time with four parties is actually only 12-16 hours per week?) Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? 

2. Identify the days of the week that you want to go out to do your business. For example, my goal was to work my business on Monday through Thursday evenings. I took Friday, Saturday and Sunday off for myself and family. If you attend church on Wednesday evening, mark off every Wednesday on your calendar and work around them.

3. Each month schedule in all of your business meetings as well as any of your family’s events that you want (and need) to attend. If your upline has a monthly meeting it is your responsibility (if you want to be successful) to be there if you want the information. If your daughter has a dance recital mark off that date on your calendar.

4. Book your parties one week at a time, beginning with your first available week on your calendar. It makes no sense to book parties four weeks away when you still have dates available that are two and three weeks away. List these dates on your “Open Date Card” (available in “It’s a Party Out There – Keeping the Fun and Profit in Direct Selling” Workbook) For info on Workbook check out the website listed below. Make sure you only list dates for first available week, Avoid listing dates from two or three weeks on the same side of the card!!! Most people who are booking will look at the dates and select the date that is the furthest away instead of the closest. When you list dates one week at a time you take control of your calendar. Here’s an example: Susie wants to work on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings and she would like to do three parties per week. Currently she has parties for August 2, 3, 5, and 12. Susie’s Open Date Card should have Monday, August 9’th and Tuesday, August 10’th on the front side and on the back side she should list; Monday, August 16’th, Tuesday, August 17’th and Thursday, August 19’th. If she really wants to book on the 9’th and 10’th she could have a special bonus available to Hostesses who select her “special dates”. 

5. If you notice that you are developing a pattern of working one or two weeks and then having no parties for a week or two and then working again you need to get back on track and avoid booking parties too far away. Don’t forget the Hostesses enthusiasm usually wanes the further out you book her party. Book her close to help maintain her enthusiasm!

6. Don’t list dates on your “Open Date Card” that you don’t want to work and don’t book on dates that are not on your card. If you don’t want to work Friday’s and you book a Friday party you can rest assured that everyone who books from that party will also want to have her party on a Friday. No exceptions! I don’t care what contest you are working on, if you want to bring people into this business “to be their own boss and set their own hours” you need to be an example of what you preach. I’ve seen many “burnt out consultants” who could have avoided the “burn out” had they learned to take control. Don’t forget…your family doesn’t want to be put on the “back burner” while you are building your business. When you have scheduled time for your family give yourself to them!

7. The easiest way to take control is in your “introduction” at your party. I used to begin like this, “Ladies, I love being in Direct Sales because I have a business that I can work around my family and other obligations. I work Monday through Thursday evening and I save the weekends for my family, because they are my number one priority.” Very rarely did anyone ever ask me for a weekend party but if they did, I re-stated the above sentence and told them I would be happy to do a party on a Monday through Thursday and if they absolutely had to have a weekend I would try to find another consultant. Most consultants would cringe here for fear of losing the booking; however, remember if you have done your job well, and built a relationship with the people at the party, they want you to be the consultant at their party and they will hold the party on your terms. YOU HAVE JUST SET A GREAT EXAMPLE FOR ANY POTENTIAL RECRUITS AT YOUR PARTY! This is a great business because “YES YOU CAN” work this around your family and other obligations. Don’t be afraid to take back control of your calendar. I guarantee it will set you free!