7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Brazil

Brazil is no doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world thanks to its wonderful beaches, rainforests as well as the famous Rio de Janeiro carnival. But what else makes this country a top priority for millions of tourists every year? This article will show you only 7 reasons why you should plan your next vacation here.

1. Beaches – Brazil has to offer no more than 2,000 beaches that are stretch along the Brazilian shoreline. Although many of these beaches are very populated, a large part of them are preserved ecological sanctuaries;

2. Culture – in Brazil you will find a fabulous mix of totally different and exciting cultures that you won’t find anywhere else on this planet. Strong cultural resilience sustains, for example, the efforts of indigenous people and African-Brazilians as they reaffirm their sense of identity through strife. And it’s safe to affirm that the people who have created Brazil are, as a rule, friendly to foreign tourists, despite nationally, race, culture or social status.

3. Cuisine – ever heard of Brasil Sabor? Well, it is the largest culinary festival in Brazil and you can imagine what you will find there. Besides this, in Brazil you will also get acquainted to the Comida di Buteco, which is the annual Belo Horizonte Bar Food Contest. In Brazil you will find, from open fire pits tended in the open fields of Rio Grande do Sul by gauchos, the South American cowboys, to upscale restaurants abroad;

4. Cities & Towns – almost all of the Brazilian inhabitants live in cities and towns. Strolling through the streets of Brazil you will find colonial towns like Ouro Preto or the daringly designed capital – Barsilia. Let’s not forget about the famous Rio de Janeiro where the biggest carnival on Earth can be found every year or the lovely city of Sao Paulo;

5. Friendly Weather – the northeastern coastal cities like Fortaleza for example, boast approximately 300 days of sunshine per year. The fall and winter travel in a great part of Brazil is exquisite thanks to the cool sunrises, a general shedding of sweaters during unbelievably bright sparkling sunny days and crystal clear, chilly nights that are perfect for cuddling by the relaxing fireplace;

6. Tourism As A Priority – Brazil has its own Ministry Of Tourism not to mention that both state and city administrations are putting in serious money, just like the private sector. With other words, they offer better road infrastructure, jobs, significant improvement of community life and other benefits;

7. Celebrations & Events – the list is very long and for that reason we will point out only the major events: the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Festas Juninas, St. Vito Festival, Festa Nacional do Indio, Festa do Divino and last but not least, the celebration of the new year – the Reveillon;

All things considered, if you haven’t been to Brazil yet you don’t know how fabulous this country is and the numerous possibilities for fun you have here. As far as the accommodations are concerned, they offer hotels for all budgets so surely you will find a nice play to stay.