7 Powerful Blood Pressure Changes

High blood pressure tends to sneak up on many people especially as we get older. Heredity plays an important role if you are inclined to develop high blood pressure. An increasing sedentary lifestyle coupled with the love of “feel good” foods is escalating the number of people diagnosed each year. It is important we recognize, monitor and control an early high blood pressure reading.

There are obvious and not so obvious steps that you can take to effectively control and manage to lower your risk of heart disease, stroke and lower your high blood pressure. Here are a few practical things to consider as part of your routines and regimens:

1) Take it off and keep it off! Being overweight is a large factor in high blood pressure. Not only will you feel better with less weight to bear on the knees and ankles, but you will take the first step in lowering the pressure.

2) Shed all extra pounds and unnecessary weight that you are carrying around. Some of us could be classified as skinny fat people. A small framed body with a large body mass index equals an overweight person.

3) Park further from the front door when shopping and go for regular daily walks during lunch or after dinner. This is a little known “secret” for weight loss. It works! Stopping fighting for the parking space that is at the front door, walk it.

4) Lower alcohol and caffeine intake – these are empty calories. I know, some of us really love our drinks but you are paying a price in wasted calories.

5) Healthy eating is a conscious decision and will not just happen randomly. Left up to our own devices we will tend to over-eat, indulge, choice the wrong food and treats and having our attempts at eating a healthy diet just simply tank.

6) Get moving and tap into what your body was designed for – TO MOVE! Be more physically active and start taking the stairs, not the escalator or elevator. How many people work on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor in a building and take an elevator? Again, start slow and great things happen.

7) Choose foods that are very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and salt. This is about avoiding temptation more than not knowing what is good for us. Motivation is the key here.

Added Bonus – Take your blood pressure readings at grocery stores, drug stores and other retailers where available. Try to use the same machine(s) for comparison because the machines can vary depending on their maintenance. The next time you visit the doctor’s office, take a machine for home use and calibrate to their readings. Once you have a baseline established then monitor the blood pressure regularly for best results.

The fact that your symptoms might not be severe or noticeable at all, does not mean that you are immune or not at risk! This is in most cases and for all intents and purposes and invisible disease, illness and medical condition.

Learning and mastering how to take charge of lowering your own blood pressure, effectively, learning how to monitor it properly, regularly and make the necessary changes, even the harder ones, in your life and lifestyle to get success and results that will last and ensure a lifetime!