7 Law of Attraction Mistakes That Will Stop You From Manifesting Your Desires

Are you making any of these 7 basic law of attraction mistakes? In order for you to create the life you really want, you must be living and acting in alignment with the laws of the universe. If you are feeling stuck, it is probably because you are struggling with one or more of these 7 law of attraction mistakes:

LOA Mistake #1: Not being consistent – Being consistent is the number one thing that you can do to improve your results as you begin applying the principles in the law of attraction. This means developing new habits and new ways of looking at your life. Success comes from the small daily repetitions of the thoughts and actions that you decide are worth taking. Just as exercising only when you ‘feel good’ will never produce excellent health, working on your dreams only when you have time or when you feel good will never change your life. The law of attraction is at work in your life all day, every day. The more consistent you are in what you do, the better the results you get will be.

LOA Mistake #2: Not understanding the law of attraction – This is a big one too. Unless you fully understand the principles that make up the law of attraction you will always find yourself working harder to create change in your life than is necessary. There is no substitution for knowledge. The more you learn about how life works, the easier it will become for you to move your life in the direction of your desire. Read and study how to apply these principles in your daily life.

LOA Mistake #3: Not believing – Your belief is an important aspect of your success and happiness. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t… you are right!” This not only applies the your life in general, but to your beliefs about yourself and your own abilities. If you don’t believe you can change, then you will create situations that make it difficult to change. Check your beliefs!

LOA Mistake #4: Not knowing what you want – Don’t be wishy-washy about your desires. Nothing fuels change more than a crystal clear vision of what you want your life to look and feel like. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the choices that are available to you. It can be hard to choose. But until you decide exactly what you want, you will continue to feel like you are stuck. To attract what you want, you must know what you want.

LOA Mistake #5: Fear of change – Even though you really, really want something, you might be afraid of the changes that will occur in your life when you get that thing you want. Change is uncomfortable – especially when you don’t do it often. But until you step out of your fear, you will only attract more fear into your life, which in turn makes it harder to change. Embrace change and you will unlock the law of attraction in your life.

LOA Mistake #6: Not taking action – Manifesting your desires always takes action on your part to complete. Sitting on your couch ‘wishing’ for a better life rarely works. The law of attraction governs the whole you – your mental, spiritual, and physical selves and requires all of you to be aligned with the things you say you want. Taking action toward your desires is the final step that aligns you with your thoughts and beliefs about those desires.

LOA Mistake #7: Trying to use the law of attraction to change other people – This never works and the only thing it does is bring more frustration into your own life. Yes, you can influence other people or manipulate them into doing something or acting in a certain way, but you aren’t really changing them. The only person you have the absolute power to change is yourself. But surprisingly, when you change, the people around you will respond to that change. You may inspire or motivate them to seek some of their dreams as well.

Your most amazing life is just waiting for you to step into it. Avoiding these common law of attraction mistakes will make your journey faster and easier than you dreamed possible.