7 Great Tips On Using Your Free Affirmations

Affirmations are a simple and effective way to influence your subconscious mind. It is quite easy for you to search the Internet to find tones of free affirmations in various categories. I have also written another article on how you can write your own affirmations. But this one is going to focus on ways to increase their power!

Remember that it is always better to stick to a certain group of affirmations for a while, since we absorb them faster this way. Also, you should feel the desired result taking place already.

Written below are 7 different way to make your free affirmations more powerfulÂ…

1. You should get into a relaxed state of mind. When this happens, our conscious minds are less intrusive, thus leaving our subconscious minds wide open. You should use this to your advantage.

2. Repeat them while looking at yourself in the mirror.

3. We all tend to remember rhymes and tunes more easily. So choose your affirmations and just get a bit creative.

4. The times just before sleeping and after waking up are great for influencing the subconscious. So make sure you use them at these times.

5. If you are in a place where it would not be appropriate for you to use them out loud. You can just repeat it to yourself mentally. It helps if you imagine it getting louder and louder.

6. Write them down. This has much more power than just verbally repeating it. I would suggest that you write each one at least 10 times daily or so. Of course, the more you do it the better.

7. Write them down on pieces of paper and stick then around your home or workplace. This way, you are always reminded of them. Just make sure it is a place you visit often.

You are probably wondering how long it will take you to see changes in yourself, right? Well, it is scientifically proven that it takes 21 days for one person to change form one habit to another. So donÂ’t lose heart, just keep doing it for a while. Remember, you have an infinite number of free affirmations from which you can choose from!