7 Amazing Ways to Be HAPPY and STAY HAPPY In Life!

Nothing is more infectious than a positive person. Unfortunately, people tend to see the negatives in life more than they see the positives.

I blame this negative attitude on the media and on the “doomsday” people who believe that almost everything is a sign of the apocalypse. It’s not.

Bad things have been occurring for hundreds of years, and we’re still here! If you want to change your life by being, and staying, happy, try one or more of these tips!

1) He Who Has the Money…

I have always believed that the old saying, “money can’t buy happiness” is wrong. Money can definitely buy happiness.

The trick isn’t focusing on how much more money you could have, but in focusing on how much money you do have.

Figure out how you can squeeze some extra money out. Maybe it’s by working a few hours of overtime, or by having a garage sale.

A little extra money to purchase something that you want can go a long way to making you happy.

2) Saving For A Rainy Day

Instead of spending your extra money, why not roll some of it into your retirement fund or into the bank?

We tend to live in the now, and worry about the future. Instead of worrying about it, do something about it!

If you stash ten dollars a week into a savings account, you’ll have over five hundred dollars by the end of the year! That can be used to help prepare for your future!

3) Time

When’s the last time you took two consecutive hours for yourself?

Every week I make sure that I take two hours away from my boyfriend, and family members.

Some weeks I spend time pampering myself in the bathroom, while other weeks I just take a two hour drive with the music cranked.

A few hours away from reality can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

If it’s difficult to take a few hours every week, try taking a day a month and marking it as “your” special day.

Head to a spa, or walk around a mall and browse. Go sit by a pond or lake and read a book, or spend the day, alone, in your home, surrounded by movies and snacks.

The point is to spend the time alone, so that you have no stress.

4) Marry For Love

It used to be that marriages were arranged for political or monetary gain.

Thankfully this is generally out of practice in most countries. I see too many high school kids, generally girls, rushing out of school, excited to start a family.

Unfortunately, they are often in such a hurry that they marry the first suitable guy and find themselves miserable a few years down the road when they discover what their spouse is truly like.

I have always maintained that you should live with someone before you marry them, because nothing is hidden when you live with someone.

Don’t be in a rush to get married. Instead, wait until you are absolutely positively sure that the person you’re with is the person you are meant to be with.

How can you do this?

Close your eyes. Now envision yourself an old, old person. Are they still sitting next to you, holding your hand?

If they are, than congratulations: you have likely found the person for you. If they’re not, make sure you don’t rush into marriage, as you may discover that there is someone else out there that is meant for you.

5) Find Happiness in Small Things

A beautiful butterfly just flittered past you. An old friend called to rebuild your friendship.

Your boss told you that you did a good job recently.

These are little things that you need to focus on if you want to live a happy life.

Big things are great, but they tend to not roll around very often. Instead of looking ahead to the next “big” thing, focus on all the little things that happen every day that brighten up your world.

6) Slow Down and Hear The Sweetness

Four years ago I realized that I was very tense and cranky during the day.

I turned on the radio and immediately saw a difference in myself. The tension dropped from my shoulders and I felt the energy to dance to the beat on the radio.

Music has a huge impact on how we feel, both emotionally and physically.

Try to make a specific time during the day to listen to a little music. If you do it when you’re trying to do an unpleasant task, such as cleaning the house, you’ll find that the time goes by much faster and more pleasantly!

7) Get It On!

The other day a friend of mine called me and told me what a rough day she’d had.

I told her that she should go find her fiancé and make love with him. She laughed and told me that she’d just done that, which was the only reason she was able to still function.

Sex is a wonderful way to release endorphins, which make you feel happy. If you don’t have the time, or privacy, for a full sweaty session of sex, try cuddling together for a few minutes.

Often those few minutes of peacefulness can help you to leave all of the bad things that happened during the day in the past.